The Crimson Fox - Redefining Detroit Design and Feminist Philanthropy

At LVRG Funding, we do our best to promote locally owned small businesses throughout Metro Detroit. The Crimson Fox is high on the list, and powered by an incredibly impressive entrepreneur. Kayla Borgen, Founder and Lead Designer of The Crimson Fox, is well on her way to redefining Detroit design and feminist philanthropy. By not only building a boutique highly innovative design studio, she also gives back to a local non-profit she's passionate about.

Kayla: "I actually had a previous employer tell me he’d “only pay so much for a skill” after I requested a raise during a review. Those words hit me hard. I knew I was dedicated, talented, creative and I knew that my salary was less than that of my peers. I knew that I wasn’t the first woman nor was I going to be the last to be under appreciated in my work environment and decided to take charge of my career and dream.

The Crimson Fox is a manifestation of my desire to bring my aesthetic to the world, to break through the glass ceilings I continuously experienced at my nine to fives, and to create a woman-owned and operated business that surpassed any expectations automatically attached to my skill set solely based on my gender.

I ventured off on my own in 2016, and since then I’ve had my fair share of hurdles but they’re nothing compared to the support and growth I’ve experienced from the community. I’ve partnered with, and work alongside, dozens of fellow entrepreneurs from designers and photographers to restaurants and Detroit brands. We work together to bring our projects to life. Detroit has something special, like a secret code. We have each other’s back and we’re very protective over the community.

The Crimson Fox is a boutique design studio offering graphic design, web design, branding, social media and email marketing services. We’re passionate about the Detroit and surrounding areas but cherish our out-of-state clientele as well. We’ve also created a merchandise line, Detroit’s Future Is Female, donating 10% of sales to the local non-profit A Beautiful Me, with the goal to establish self-esteem and entrepreneurial skills in girls throughout Michigan. The Crimson Fox’s ultimate goal is to become synonymous with Detroit design and feminist philanthropy."

We are very impressed by Kayla, and we know you'll be too! Visit her website The Crimson Fox to learn more...


Kayla Borgen,

Founder + Lead Designer


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Are you prepared for these 5 threats to your small business?

Are you prepared for these 5 threats to your small business.jpg

As an entrepreneur, there are lots of day-to-day stresses that probably keep you up at night, and the last thing you want to think about is the possibility of a bigger disaster hitting your business. To stay productive - and sane - you shouldn’t spend too much time imagining and fearing the worst, but you also don’t want to ignore the very real threats to your livelihood. To find some balance, you can educate yourself on common threats to small businesses and take the necessary steps to ensure you are protected. In all cases, there is an insurance plan that will act as a safety net for your business while you get back on your feet.

Threat #1: Property Damage or Loss

Your business’s property is also probably one of it’s biggest assets, and damage to or loss of the property would strike a blow to your enterprise. You can protect your property with cameras, lighting and by ensuring you’re meeting all safety and fire codes. You’ll also want to have an automatic backup system for your technology and information. But because no plan is fail-safe, you will need to have property insurance to cover the property itself and the contents inside.

Threat #2: Business Interruption

In the event of a disaster hitting your business, you have more to worry about than just damage to your property and contents. If you can’t reopen your doors soon after a disaster, you’ll also suffer from lost business. Ask yourself, “how many months could my business survive without any earnings?” Create a backup plan for office accommodations and brainstorm ways you could keep your business afloat during an interruption - like creating an online store or selling product out of a partner’s location. In addition, business interruption insurance coverage will reimburse you for lost income and extra costs during an interruption to your business.

Threat #3: Liability Losses

As a business owner, there is no way to completely avoid liability. If you’re selling a product, you could be held liable if it’s defective or causes serious harm to someone. If you’re offering a professional service, you could be held liable for errors, omissions or negligence in your service. And in every case, you could be held generally liable if someone injures themselves on your property or if you damage a customer’s property. Even if you are working from home, you could be held liable if someone visiting your home for business purposes (like a courier) slips and falls. You might be surprised to learn that your home insurance might not protect you in that kind of scenario. Depending on your business, you will want to investigate product liability, professional services liability and general liability insurance options.

Threat #4: Cyber Attack

You might think your business is too small to be the target of a cyber attack, but the reality is that small-to-medium sized enterprises are particularly vulnerable to attack because they lack the resources of a large IT team to protect them. If you’re dealing with online sales and confidential customer data, you are at an even higher risk. Educate yourself and your employees on how to spot and react to fraudulent purchases (for example, unusually large orders of expensive merchandise) and how to avoid phishing scams. In terms of insurance coverage, a cyber liability plan will protect you in the event of a lawsuit stemming from a breach to personal or commercial information.

Threat #5: Key Person Losses

A small business often means a small team, meaning that if a critical member of your employee base falls ill or passes away, your business could experience a significant setback. Take a look at your current team right now and ask yourself, if you were to unexpectedly lose one of these people (and their skills or value could not be easily replaced through hiring), could your business operations continue in their absence? If the answer is no, now might be the time to consider some internal training and knowledge-sharing to make sure everyone’s role could be covered if something were to happen to any of them. Depending on the individual’s importance to your business, you could also have them covered under a key person insurance plan.

Assessing the threats to your business can be scary and disheartening, so don’t let fear paralyze you from taking action. If you are properly prepared and insured, you’ll be better able to respond to a threat and maintain the health of your business. Create a risk management plan for your business, and do some research on the best types of insurance to cover you in the event of one of these disasters. Make sure you are shopping around for quotes from insurance providers so you can get the best coverage for the best price.

Guest Post By: Ari Rush

Ari Rush is the a writer and expert in the automotive space, specifically focusing on car safety, car insurance, and car tech. Rush is also the former owner of a successful social media marketing company that fostered over 1,000 clients, many of which rely on his expertise to this day.


6 Ways Locally Owned Brick and Mortar Small Business Can Fight Back Against Amazon

6 Ways Locally Owned Brick and Mortar Small Business Can Fight Back Against Amazon.jpg

It is indeed unfortunate that e-commerce giants have made things incredibly challenging for brick and mortar retailers, this certainly does not imply that offline retailers can’t compete with e-commerce powerhouses such as Amazon. However with the correct marketing plan, and products in the respective locally owned shops, you’ll discover that going against such heavyweights is actually a manageable job.

So, some of the chief ways in which this can be done is as follows-

Stress on speed, instant gratification and convenience

The biggest pro of a local shop is that things can be availed of instantly. So in order to boost your business, this is something which you ought to stress only. Once clients understand that they can get instant gratification at competitive prices, they’ll have no need to shop online for every single thing.

Work in unison with the landlord

If you are centred at a mall, collaborate with the landlord to increase foot traffic. There are many malls, which focus on one shop a month, in order to boost the business of that small shop.

Hire the best work force

Amazon offers good customer service, but at the end of the day, this service is nothing but a person behind a computer screen, so to really compete you should hire a great work force to give customers that personal experience.

Go beyond the basics

Rather than simply selling basis commodities in your locally owned small business, you should try your best to go beyond this and actually have some custom made products sold at your store. In this way, you will be able to attract many customers to your brick and mortar establishment.

Offer competitive prices

One of the chief reasons why people prefer to shop on Amazon is owing to the fact that Amazon has great discounts, so if really want to fight back, the first thing to do would be to offer some good discounts.

Be online

No matter how old school you might be, having an ecommerce presence is an absolute must in this day and age. Setting up a website is incredibly easy and affordable, so why should you be missing out on all the potential customers?

These are some simple yet practical things which even any small shop owner can do in order to ensure that business runs smoothly, irrespective of competitors like Amazon might come up with. Hope this helps... Subscribe below for more great business boosting content!


If you own a brick and mortar small business and expect to have a big holiday sales season, you better do this!

If you own a brick and mortar small business and expect to have a big holiday sales season, you better do this!.jpeg

For most retail stores, both online and office, the Holiday season is usually the most profitable time of the year. So, if you are a small shop owner, who wishes to make your sails hit the roof, this holiday season, then here are some things which you better do this year.

Think outside the box

If you want to encourage people to support your small business, this Holiday season, so rather than just expecting people to come to your shop on your own, you should think of interesting ways to compel people to come and check your store out. So to really capture the attention of people, you should make sure that your shop looks good and has a nice ambiance to it. A good way to encourage people to walk through your doors is by decorating the store in a delightfully festive manner.

What's Happening in the Shop Small Business Movement Right Now?

Cater to the needs of the local people

Rather than trying to copy other brick and mortar shops are doing you should make it a point to cater to the needs of the people in your vicinity! Doing this will really boost your sales this holiday season.

Offer your work force incentives

None of your plans, advertising or marketing ideas will yield rich dividends unless you ensure that your work force is up to the challenge. In order to keep the work force at your small shop on their toes you should keep an eye on them, but apart from this you should offer them some incentives. Incentives can be in the form of cash, coupons or even gifts!

Own a Brick and Mortar Retail Shop? Here's 5 Ways to Compete with Online Retailers this Holiday Season 2017!

Have a fun contest

Come the Holiday season and people love taking part in various contests and raffles. So if you really want to grab many eye balls this year, then you ought to do something fun like have an interesting contest. Many big shops the world over have a draw of lots (Based on Bill Numbers) during the Holiday Season where one lucky customer wins a grand prize.

How Technology is Changing the Way We Treat Locally Owned Brick and Mortar Small Businesses

If you really wish to increase the foot fall to your local shop this Holiday season, then you should try your best to do the simple things which have been mentioned above. Even if you are unable to do all of the above at one go, try taking things one thing at a time.


7 Simple and Effective Ways to Boost Sales in Your Local Shop This Holiday Season 2017

7 Simple and Effective Ways to Boost Sales in Your Local Shop This Holiday Season 2017.jpg

Irrespective of how the sales at your small shop have been this year, you should really try to pick up the pace during the Holiday season. After all, people become most generous and have maximum spending power, during this time of the year!

Did you know that 20% of annual retail sales are generated during the holiday rush?! If 20% of your potential annual sales all occur within 4-6 weeks, you certainly don't want to be unprepared. CLICK HERE FOR FUNDING

Generate a buzz

Rather than simply expecting people to head over to your locally owned small business, one of the best things you can do is generate a buzz online or offline as well. Do this by creating a page online or even by setting up hoardings in different parts of the city.

What NOT to do as a Local Small Business Owner

Make good combo offers

Most shoppers love good combo offers, this is not merely a great way to attract customers, but also a great marketing strategy. Do this by combining similar products like a watch & wallet, then offer a considerable discount. Apart from this, making gift baskets would also be a super idea.

Offer great variety

If you wish your local shop to thrive, then you should make it a point to offer a great variety of products. This doesn’t mean different kinds of products, rather different brands of the same product.

Own a Brick and Mortar Retail Shop? Here's 5 Ways to Compete with Online Retailers this Holiday Season 2017!

Cater to the needs of your customer

Rather than simply selling one kind of products you should cater to the needs of a large cross section of people. After all, most shoppers love it when they can get various things under one roof itself.

Move outdoors

To really grab eyeballs to your small business, you should set up a stall on the sidewalk, because this will certainly help in attracting people to your store. Maybe even a popup shop.

Accept all kinds of payment options

Most brick and mortar stores lose out on customers, because they just accept one kind of payment. If you really want your sales to hit the roof this Holiday season, then you must consider accepting various diverse kinds of payment, so that customers aren’t inconvenienced in any way.

5 Lessons About Small Business Ownership You Can Learn From Superheroes: From Locally Owned to Globally Known!

Be open 24x7 or at least longer Holiday hours

If you really want to boost sales, then being open 24x7 during the holiday season is a great option. Can't do the 24x7 thing? Then open early and close late. Because in this way you will catch the last minute shoppers who are usually willing to pay any price you ask!

Doing these things are incredibly simple so try and put these effective tips into action as they are bound to make your sales skyrocket this Holiday season.


Own a Brick and Mortar Retail Shop? Here's 5 Ways to Compete with Online Retailers this Holiday Season 2017!

Own a Brick and Mortar Retail Shop Here's 5 Ways to Compete with Online Retailers this Holiday Season 2017!.png

Many local shop owners seem to think that since e-commerce retailers have taken over the retail shopping world, and their businesses have no chance but to succumb to start selling on Shopify. However what most brick and mortar retailers don’t understand is that they actually have a bigger advantage to online retailers, because they can have both an online and offline presence. Here are 5 ways to compete with online retailers this Holiday season:

Have a proper system in place

People often shy away from coming to local owned shops during the holiday season, because they are very chaotic. So, if you really want to give online retailers a run for their money, make sure you have a proper system in place to ensure that there is no time wasted!

Make the shopping experience fun

Since it's the holidays, try your best to make the shopping experience fun for the customers, this can be done by having a Santa Claus seated in the shop or even by playing delightful Christmas Carols all day long.

Go that extra mile

During the rush season online retails hardly ever offer serves like wrapping of gifts, etc. So to get an upper hand, you should make it a point to go that extra mile and offer services like this, to ensure that you make it worth the customers while!

Offer good deals

Even if you are a small business, you should make it a point to offer good deals and discounts, which will prompt customers to come to your store. This does not mean suffering losses, it merely means, marketing in a smart manner.

The Downside of Discounting and Alternatives to BOOST Your Business

Use your social media resources wisely

Just because you have an offline store, that doesn’t mean you should shy away from using social media as a powerful tool! To top it all, using social media to advertise your local shop will not cost you any money at all!

How can a small local business leverage social media?

These are simply some of the few things which any brick and mortar shop owners can do. Doing these things will surely help you boost your sales this Holiday Season, irrespective of how small your brick and mortar shop may be! Have questions about growing your business or small business funding? Give us a call at (855) 998-LVRG.