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Business owners face both challenges and opportunities on a daily basis that require them to have access to capital. LVRG offers Small Business Loans, Revenue Based Loans, Cash Flow Loans, Merchant Cash Advances, Working Capital Solutions and other Small Business Funding options to help you overcome the challenges unique to your business, or to take advantage of important time sensitive opportunities.

From purchasing inventory and equipment to remodeling and advertising, small businesses need capital for many reasons. Our business financing products may be used for any business expense, even if you just need an influx of capital to boost your cash flow. We offer both fixed and flexible repayment options, customizing your funding to meet your business's cash flow model.  

With LVRG, you can get up to $2 Million to GROW your business in 24 hours, regardless of credit! Businesses all over the country, in all shapes and sizes, are growing and thriving, thanks to LVRG. Don’t let another day go by without financing that could do the same for your business. We're here to help, call toll free (855) 998-5874 or click below.


Client Testimonials

LA California Coffee Shop LVRG Funding Small Business Loans Business Funding

Coffee House - Los Angeles, CA
"I was burned by an online lender in the past, so this time around I did my research. I called LVRG and within minutes I felt comfortable, they were professional, upfront and transparent. The entire process was simple and I was funded in 2 days. LVRG is the real deal!"

South Beach Miami Sushi Bar LVRG Funding Small Business Loans Business Financing

Sushi Bar - Miami, FL
"I know one of the the guys from LVRG personally and wouldn't even think about calling anyone else when I need money for my restaurant. When I find someone I can trust, I don't look anywhere else." 

Charlotte NC Retail Store LVRG Funding Small Business Loans Business Financing

Retail Boutique - Charlotte, NC
"We had multiple financing offers on the table. Every one of them fell apart, except for the offer made by LVRG. They went above and beyond with us, and lived up to everything they said. We couldn't be happier!"


The LVRG Difference

Too often when searching for a small business loan or working capital these days, you stumble on a flood of internet lenders, online marketplaces, and even mobile apps trying to squeeze you into generic, one size fits all loan products. Your business is unique, so why would you accept a cookie cutter loan? That's not how LVRG sees the world of small business financing, and that's one of the reasons LVRG continues to lead an over-crowded space. It's about putting you, and your needs before our own. We are not run by algorithms, web developers, telemarketers, data entry reps or boiler room salesmen; rather, experienced small business finance professionals who take the time to get to know you and your business. LVRG is a more "human" small business funding company. We take into account your circumstances in putting together a loan package that best reflects what you want to achieve with your business goals. In addition to putting our clients first, the LVRG guarantee extends to the business we do with you. At LVRG you can be sure that each one of our clients experience the best of our service in the following categories:

Speed: We process your application quickly so that you can get the money you need on time with the least amount of hassle possible. With your vital documents in hand, our in-house team of underwriters and financial professionals can process your file and provide you with the best possible financing options available in a minimum amount of time.

Efficiency: We ensure that the financing options we provide is done in a professional manner that upholds both our reputation and yours. We believe in providing our clients with sound advice, ethical guidance and will not cut corners just to close a deal faster.

Transparency: We do not believe in the idea of hidden fees, or unrealistic terms and interest rates. Every one of our financial options that is presented to our clients have everything represented so that there is no need to worry about some unmentioned fee somewhere in the process that can cause you undue financial stress.

Your Circumstances: We know that many of our clients seek our type of financing options because it's extremely challenging  to attain them anywhere else. To this end, we believe in taking into account all the different factors that make up the client's circumstances to best determine in what way we can help you to achieve the financial goals you set for yourself. We don't use a catch-all credit score to determine viability for financing.

Personal Connection: We are a firm that believes in the potential and passion of people. Each member of our team is a person and does their job knowing that a person is their client. You won't find computers and algorithms judging you here, you'll just find people helping people to be better.

Overall, LVRG represents a different idea and fresh approach to the ever changing world of business financing. Where everything seems to be automated and everyone seems to be judging you based solely on your numbers, LVRG thinks about you as more than just another customer account. We see you as a person, not a potential payday. Experience the LVRG difference yourself.


We're here to help! Call toll free (855) 998-5874 or click below.