Making a Big Impact in Small Business!

Last year, small businesses were responsible for nearly 2 million of the jobs generated in the private sector. Boutique financial firms like LVRG helped make this statistic possible. We understand that small business owners face unique challenges that require the partnership of an experienced funding company. We may seem small because we provide hands-on personal service, but our operation is expansive. LVRG is a multi-niche lending house with impeccable credentials.

The LVRG Difference

Most small business owners will encounter obstacles when seeking funding from mainstream banks. In fact, out of the 30 million small businesses in this country, over 80% of them will never qualify for traditional bank financing for one reason or another. Our mission is to provide working capital and cash flow financing to all those small business owners the banks have left, and continue to leave behind. LVRG takes a pragmatic approach to small business financing. We understand not all businesses operate similarly, and their finances reflect these differences. Why should identical and completely unrealistic financial standards required by traditional lenders serve as a roadblock to obtaining capital? Alternative financing offers a positive change to the world of small business lending, and LVRG leads the way...

Our financing terms don't treat businesses the same because each client is different. A restaurant doesn’t share identical daily operations with a medical practice, so why should their financing standards be the same? We take a nontraditional approach to funding small businesses, and the LVRG funding model promotes solution-based financing using realistic standards. By offering small business loans and additional funding products, we aim to provide entrepreneurs with the operating cash flow needed to keep their businesses robust and growing. 

The LVRG Funding Model

We are committed to building client partnerships, and the funding model of our firm is built around this principle. We provide small business owners with funding opportunities that match their specific industry. We offer the best terms available in the industry, an easy application process, and rapid approval times. Our advisors are knowledgeable about the intricacies of each client's industry. Our niche is small business loans, revenue based financing, cash flow & working capital solutions ranging from $10,000 to $500,000, often times can put financing in your hands within hours of qualification. LVRG is a valuable partner to small and medium size business owners in achievement of their business goals.

LVRG Offers Streamline Lending

We provide an alternative to traditional bank financing. We’ve created a streamlined process that gives us an above average approval rating. We remove the hurdles of approval by reviewing each business outside the generic banking models. Our financing approvals have several criteria outside basic creditworthiness, and this difference allows us to afford opportunities to deserving small business owners with less than stellar finances. Being non-bankable doesn’t have to mean that you are forced to limit your business goals.

The LVRG Partnership

We enter into partnerships with clients, and our approach to success is to provide small business owners with the appropriate funding. We provide guidance and share our knowledge of the industry with every client. We strive to assist in the building of your business, and we do this by not leaving you adrift in the lending arena. LVRG endeavors to build client relationships that last beyond a one-time small business loan. We provide consultants who understand how to fit entrepreneurs with the products that fit their business and not the products that most benefit our firm.

At LVRG, we believe we are different from other lending firms. We never set out to be the biggest, but we do strive to be the best. Our deep sense of integrity, professionalism, and commitment to the spirit of entrepreneurialism propel our determination to provide assistance to small business owners in a challenging economic climate. We didn't become one of America's most trusted and respected small business funding companies by accident. You found us for a reason, so let's get started!

We're not the only funding company out there, just a better one.