Why LVRG Funding? We Just Make Sense!

As they say, history repeats itself. When the mortgage boom hit, anyone and everyone started selling mortgages to make a quick buck. The scary part about that though, very few had any knowledge of the mortgage business and were advising homeowners without having any background, knowledge, education or experience in mortgages. What do you think happened to all the people who were sold a million dollar homes backed by mortgages they couldn't pay for? Foreclosed! Well, the same thing is now happening within the small business loan space and what do you think is going to happen if you get sold a loan you can't pay for? With no barrier to entry, anyone and everyone is now a "self proclaimed finance expert" selling merchant cash advances and other small business loan products to make a quick buck. And to be quite honest, they're making a lot of bucks. Would you buy a stock from someone who knows nothing about the stock market? Would you have surgery, by someone who's not a surgeon? Would you go to your local butcher to have your tooth fixed? Those three analogies are about as ridiculous as trusting the future of your business and lively-hood in the hands of someone without any background, knowledge, education or experience in finance and/or small business. LVRG is made up of real small business finance professionals, providing real small business financing solutions. Don't leave the future of your business in the hands of someone who's using you for nothing more than a commission check.  We ensure that the financing options we provide is done in a professional manner that upholds both our reputation and yours. We believe in providing our clients with sound advice, ethical guidance and will not cut corners just to close a deal faster.  We know that many of our clients seek our type of financing options because it's extremely challenging  to attain them anywhere else. To this end, we believe in taking into account all the different factors that make up the client's circumstances to best determine in what way we can help you to achieve the financial goals you set for yourself. 

At LVRG, we believe we are different from other lending firms. We never set out to be the biggest, but we do strive to be the best. Our deep sense of integrity, professionalism, and commitment to the spirit of entrepreneurialism propel our determination to provide assistance to small business owners in a challenging economic climate.