Who does the best small business content marketing?

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When planning your business’s key messages, you likely spend a good amount of time thinking about how to promote your products, services and specials. Informing your potential customers about all you offer might sound like a good plan, but it’s self-serving and should only account for a small portion of the information you share.

Content marketing is a valuable strategy that keeps your brand top of mind with your customers without overselling your business. Your audience can only handle so many posts, emails and other pieces of content that highlight the work you do. When companies continuously beat their own drum, the messages begin to feel like spam and customers are more likely to tune them out or un-follow the business altogether.

With content marketing, businesses begin to share fun, interesting and industry-adjacent information that they think will keep their audience engaged. A real estate agent might share “10 tips and tricks for streamlining your spring cleaning,” or an auto mechanic might post “5 summer road trips you need to take.” One of our recent posts, “What are tips on building customer loyalty in a local small business?” The information might not highlight what your company can do for the customer, but it keeps your brand in front of your audience, making it easier to recall your business at the time of purchase.

So, I cannot say who does the “best” small business content marketing, as it really depends on a number of variables. With that being said, nobody knows your business as well as you do. So, you may know the best person for the job, better than you think…

Hope this helps. For more useful small business tips, check out our knowledge center!