What's Happening in the Shop Small Business Movement Right Now?

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As a whole, the state of the local small business world is in really great shape. A big part of that can be attributed to small business retail owners like yourself. Your business is part of the larger chain of singular, vital brick and mortar entities that make up your community. You will also want to regard the fact that while locally owned independent small businesses have to deal with a wide range of challenges, it is also a fact that more people are trusting small businesses than ever before.

* This year Small Business Saturday is on Nov 25. Founded by American Express in
2010, this nationwide movement helps bring attention to the importance of supporting
small businesses in communities across America.

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Part of the popularity of the shop small movement can be traced to people who simply want to do right by their community. For many people, this also means supporting local shops just like yours. Another part of the shop small’s popularity can be connected to innovation. Small businesses continue to lead the charge for innovation. Even the biggest of the big corporations are paying attention to the breakthroughs and other success realized by locally owned independent retailers.

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Innovation Drives The Shop Small Business Movement

As you can imagine, there are some pretty big innovations guiding the local small business movement right now. If you are one of the locally owned independent small businesses in your city or town, then here are some of the big trends and innovations that you are going to need to watch out for:

• Businesses take millennials seriously: It is true that millennials value ethics and high quality. They also love to support the shop small movement in any way that they can. With millennials, you also have a group that shares and discusses brick and mortar businesses like yours on social media. Small and large businesses alike turning to millennials is more than just a trend. It is a conscious effort that is paying off for many companies.

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• New approaches to web presence: In the present, even local shops like yours need to take their web presence seriously. It is no longer the case that you can simply set up a thin website and call it a day. People want content, and that includes the people in your community. You need to take social media seriously, and you need to remember the trend that continues to look for new ways to combine social media with traditional websites and local community impact.

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• Smartphones are letting small businesses shine: Take SEO, blogging, and other elements of your online presence seriously. There are smartphone users out there waiting to find you.

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