What NOT to do as a Local Small Business Owner

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As the adage goes, no one is perfect, and that certainly applies to a local small business such as yours. Particularly for businesses that are in their first couple of years of being open, you have to accept to a point that in your efforts to become one of the most successful locally owned small independent businesses in your area, mistakes are going to be made. Obviously, what matters the most in the end is that you learn from those mistakes.

Even experienced, well-established local shops can make mistakes. These are things that can simply happen, but it’s important to remember that what you do next can have a major impact on your standing with the other locally owned independent retailers in your area.

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Things Local Small Business Owners Need To Avoid

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A brick and mortar small business such as yours can also make it a point to appreciate some of the more common mistakes made by those who appeal to the many who are committed to the shop small concept:

•Don’t get discouraged: Things like failure, disappointment, or even doubt can hit the owner of a local small business at any time. We aren’t trying to discourage you from ever trying, and we also believe it is up to you to determine when an idea just isn’t working out, but we would also tell you to remember that you are always going to have ups and downs.

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•Don’t micromanage: Locally owned small independent businesses with multiple employees can give you the feeling that your business is doing well, and that your business is contributing. Keep those feelings alive by avoiding the need to micromanage. If you hired someone to do a task, and you know you hired the best applicant for the job, then leave them to do what you ultimately need them to do.

•Don’t expect something for nothing: This sounds weird, but as small business owners, we sometimes forget about the extent of the demands we place on our employees. Sometimes, it isn’t enough to give them the paychecks they deserve. Sometimes, it can be nice to give them an added incentive.

•Don’t stop learning and growing: When we stop learning, we tend to stop growing. This is certainly true for those who operate as locally owned independent retailers. You can avoid ruts of all kinds by always looking for opportunities to learn something, or engage something new, in a way that allows you to bring the benefits of new experience to your business.

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