What is your biggest fear as a small business owner?

What is your biggest fear as a small business owner

You don’t have to be a neuroscientist or clinical psychologist to know that mental stress can cause seriously negative consequences on the body and mind. For most small business owners, the source of stress can be manifold, but its symptoms often manifest through strong emotions of anxiety and worry. The shadows of these undesirable feelings can increase chances of chronic disorders such as insomnia, and other acute side-effects as indigestion and headaches. Beyond business concerns, people in general suffer from anxiety and worry because of one major reason: Uncertainty.

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We worry about disappointing others close to us; we feel anxious about the outcome of a medical exam; we can’t stop thinking about how our investments will turn out. Why do we do so? Because we are uncertain about the outcomes of the various activities and decisions we make on a daily basis. To deal with the elusive future and reduce such negative emotions, small business owners should spend quality time in confronting all potential risks and scenarios. Research shows that putting off your uncertainties- though we are inclined to push away negative thoughts – can only make you worse off.

What is your biggest fear as a small business owner independent local small businesses

Why do so many small local businesses fail?

More than anything, managing finances in a small business can create the greatest concern and ambiguities for the owner. From preventative situations such as shortage of cash and employee turnovers to promotional decisions of business expansions, countless financial touchstones must be met to build a sustainable and successful company. Although many options are available to fund a small businesses, said small biz owners with imperfect credit histories (short, insufficient, or delinquent) are especially prone to falling into financial anxiety. An active and thorough approach is always the best method to deal with the troubles of life.

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