The Importance of Images in Social Media for Your Small Business

It’s a common misconception that simply having an account or page on a social media website and putting up the occasional post is enough to help small shops succeed. Unfortunately, social media for small business isn’t quite that simple. Not only do you need to be posting frequently and actively engaging with customers online, you need to be posting the right kind of content, too.

One of the most important pieces of the content puzzle that many small shops are missing when they post online is the image. Understanding the importance of images and how they help get customers more interested and engaged with your brand is a crucial aspect of a successful social media strategy.

An image really can be worth a thousand words


The old adage about a picture being worth a thousand words may sound trite, but it’s never been more applicable than in small business social media. You can bet that if your posts are all lengthy paragraphs, most viewers will scroll right on by and move to the next post. People don’t usually want to read a long social media post, even if it’s full of useful information. However, they do like images. An image can successfully convey the same message as a lengthy paragraph, sometimes without any words at all.

When combined with the right few words, or tagline, an image can make a customer stop and think about your post. It can also make them comment, ask questions, and even share it too. Of course, and image is only useful if the quality is right. It’s important to make sure that any images you post for your small business are the optimal size for the medium you choose, and that they are clear and have the right colors.

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