The Crimson Fox - Redefining Detroit Design and Feminist Philanthropy

At LVRG Funding, we do our best to promote locally owned small businesses throughout Metro Detroit. The Crimson Fox is high on the list, and powered by an incredibly impressive entrepreneur. Kayla Borgen, Founder and Lead Designer of The Crimson Fox, is well on her way to redefining Detroit design and feminist philanthropy. By not only building a boutique highly innovative design studio, she also gives back to a local non-profit she's passionate about.

Kayla: "I actually had a previous employer tell me he’d “only pay so much for a skill” after I requested a raise during a review. Those words hit me hard. I knew I was dedicated, talented, creative and I knew that my salary was less than that of my peers. I knew that I wasn’t the first woman nor was I going to be the last to be under appreciated in my work environment and decided to take charge of my career and dream.

The Crimson Fox is a manifestation of my desire to bring my aesthetic to the world, to break through the glass ceilings I continuously experienced at my nine to fives, and to create a woman-owned and operated business that surpassed any expectations automatically attached to my skill set solely based on my gender.

I ventured off on my own in 2016, and since then I’ve had my fair share of hurdles but they’re nothing compared to the support and growth I’ve experienced from the community. I’ve partnered with, and work alongside, dozens of fellow entrepreneurs from designers and photographers to restaurants and Detroit brands. We work together to bring our projects to life. Detroit has something special, like a secret code. We have each other’s back and we’re very protective over the community.

The Crimson Fox is a boutique design studio offering graphic design, web design, branding, social media and email marketing services. We’re passionate about the Detroit and surrounding areas but cherish our out-of-state clientele as well. We’ve also created a merchandise line, Detroit’s Future Is Female, donating 10% of sales to the local non-profit A Beautiful Me, with the goal to establish self-esteem and entrepreneurial skills in girls throughout Michigan. The Crimson Fox’s ultimate goal is to become synonymous with Detroit design and feminist philanthropy."

We are very impressed by Kayla, and we know you'll be too! Visit her website The Crimson Fox to learn more...


Kayla Borgen,

Founder + Lead Designer


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