The Best Small Business Loans Company in Detroit

Small businesses in Detroit all have one thing in common… The need for consistent cash flow and they are not finding it available at local banks. The reality of cash for Detroit's businesses today is that it’s getting harder and harder to come by, through traditional channels. Banks have become especially tight-fisted with loans or credit lines for these service-related companies without the benefit of something of equal or greater value to secure that loan or line against. All small business owners throughout every industry in Detroit, need their customers to pay their bills on time, and/or get access to quick cash to pay expenses and take on new business. If you want to own a small business in Detroit and have the desire to thrive, you need to access working capital and have a steady cash flow.

Detroit's small business owners face both challenges and opportunities on a daily basis that require them to have access to capital. LVRG Funding, the best small business loans company in Detroit, offers Small Business Loans, Revenue Based Financing, Cash Flow & Working Capital Solutions to help you overcome the challenges unique to your business, or to take advantage of important time sensitive opportunities.

From purchasing inventory and equipment to remodeling and advertising, small businesses need capital for many reasons. Our business financing products may be used for any business expense, even if you just need an influx of capital to boost your cash flow. We offer both fixed and flexible repayment options, customizing your funding to meet your business's cash flow model.  

We combine data-crunching software with a human touch to come up with affordable funding solutions that best fit your needs. LVRG is a team of the right people, working with the right data, getting you the right-sized funding for your business. When folks search for the best small business loans company in Detroit, they find LVRG Funding. We understand the cash flow limitations that small business owners sometimes experience, including the unique challenges faced by seasonal business owners. We make temporary cash flow loans with the goal of helping small businesses grow. We offer small business loans, merchant cash advance, business expansion loans and lines of credit based upon the overall health of your business, rather than solely your personal credit score. Headquartered in Detroit's Historic Ford Building, LVRG Funding is a local funding firm dedicated to helping the local small business community throughout Metro Detroit thrive and grow. With a dedication to our clientele and a reputation for excellence, you'll understand why LVRG is such a respected member of Detroit's small business community. Give us a call today (855) 998-LVRG, we're here to help!