Spring Business Funding for Handyman Companies & Local Maintenance Providers

A handyman, also known as a handy-person or handy-worker, is a person skilled at a wide range of repairs, typically around the home. These tasks include trade skills, repair work, maintenance work, are both interior and exterior, and are sometimes described as "side work", "odd jobs" or "fix-up tasks". Specifically, these jobs could include: wood decks, fences, painting, metal fence, roofing, power washing, siding, drywall repairs, counter-tops, cabinet installation, general contracting, gutter cleaning, restoration, trim work, wallpaper removal & wall preparation, constructing walls & doors, tiling of floors & back-splashes, pressure washing, remodeling bathrooms complete, smoke & fire damage repairs, plumbing, electrical, deck staining & sealing, and so much more!

What are the key factors that limit the growth of handyman companies? Geographical limitation is one unavoidable reality. Handyman services cannot be offered online and one cannot telecommute. The scope of maintenance services or repair services will be a hindrance. Not all handyman companies specialize in every type of handyman services. There is competition, the cost factor and reliability or trustworthiness. Not all of these challenges can be overcome with funding but a smart investment can certainly help your business grow.

Ride the Growth

There are times when handyman companies will have very few contracts. There are peak times and off peak times in every business. They are relevant for handyman services as well. Spring and summer are the month when there will be a sharp increase in calls for repair services and maintenance services. It is this period of growth that you must capitalize on.

Handyman companies are often overwhelmed with the flood of calls during spring and summer. From plumbing disasters to malfunctioning appliances, there are problems galore. Compared to the relatively idle times of the year, spring and summer whisky by like a fleeting moment when professionals mostly try to catch up on their commitments. Two simple moves can change the tide.

Two Smart Investments

With the help of small business funding for handyman companies you can now have more trained manpower and you can have better tools. Self employed handymen or individual contractors will always be limited to working on one project or in one site at a time. Handyman companies don’t have such a limitation. However, they are limited by manpower. Investing in hiring new staff can double and even quadruple your revenue in spring and summer months. Imagine the increase in profits and the growth of your company with such a spike.

The other smart investment would be in tools that can enhance the efficiency and outcome of repair services. If one handyman can get a job done in thirty minutes and better tools cut down that time to fifteen, then you can imagine the number of sites the handyman can attend to in a day. Estimate the growth in revenue per handyman and you would have a conservative assessment of projected revenue.

Investing at a time when business is on a downswing or relatively dormant is not a good idea. Investing when the tides are in your favor and you know the returns are high is the smart move. Use immediate business funding to improve your handyman services and to grow your business. Call (855) 998-LVRG or click below to get started!