Snapchat for Small Business Marketing

Just like Facebook and Twitter before it, Snapchat has faced the question, “Is this really a place where we can reach our target consumers?” And just as with the other social giants, marketers will come to understand that Snapchat isn’t just a tool for some fun “marketing experiments.” It’s a platform that users are flocking to, in order to digest social media in real-time.

‘Real-time’ is the key phrase in that last sentence. Since the inception of social media marketing, brands and agencies have been searching for the best methods to deliver integrated campaigns that make constituents feel connected and an important key to keeping the younger generation of consumers interested is by offering exclusive content that has an expiration date. As we all know, there’s no longer room for “one size fits all” marketing tactics. Snapchat is the ultimate platform for making consumers feel connected and at the same time, unique.

In fact, with the 2016 presidential candidates turning to Snapchat in order to connect with voters, the writing on the wall should be clear enough for marketers to see. As far as what to expect in 2016, look no further than the beginning of 2015, when Snapchat launched Discover, a portal that brands such as ESPN, Vice, and Comedy Central use to push their messages to voracious consumers of media. The results have been positive thus far, but the real beauty behind Snapchat is that it turns the advertisement into the product, something that brands won’t be able to ignore.