Small business tips to making this Fall season your busiest ever (September 2018)

Small business tips to making this Fall season your busiest ever.jpeg

Small business tips to making this Fall season your busiest ever (September 2018)

It's back to school time again! As we round out the year, it's important to finish strong as autumn and the run-up to the holiday season are often the busiest times of the year. October through year-end can sometimes see revenues well above the rest of the year, as the final quarter is typically the busiest. As an established small business owner you understand the importance of making hay while the sun shines, and having everything in place will help you to yield the strongest small business cash flow ever.

You want to make sure that your working capital is put to good use during this season, and that you capitalize on this period of peak sales. Follow these helpful tips to make the most of this busy season!

1. Plan, plan, plan

Every small business owner wears multiple hats, and there a lot of "shoulds" that fall by the wayside. Make this the year that you have a solid plan in place for not only the upcoming busy season but for the New Year as well. Having a plan makes it much easier to determine what is working and what needs adjusting.

2. Holiday season sales

Start getting your holiday season sales and promotions underway now. Make sure that you are ahead of the game with your suppliers and vendors if you don't want to be caught empty handed as it's also their busy season. Focusing on your holiday season sales goals and beginning a robust marketing campaign earlier than usual can help you to significantly maximize your sales!

3. Stay motivated

When you have a couple of slow days in a row, or you're just worn out from dealing with personnel issues, your motivation level can take a hit. Keep your chin up and refer back to your plan for inspiration. Remember why you started your business in the first place, and take a few moments each day to renew your commitment to yourself and your business. 

Are you an established small business owner who has hit a rough patch? The variances in sales levels and other realities that affect revenues can make managing cash flow an unwanted challenge. Contact LVRG today and learn more about our business funding options that can give you the breathing room you need to make this season one for the record books!