Short Term Small Business Funding for HVAC Service Providers

Spring and summer are the busiest time for air condition companies and HVAC techs. There is no dearth of HVAC service companies, but the demand is so high that the challenges become a tad overwhelming for many. Heating and cooling needs are perennial. Fall and winter bring with them their own challenges. HVAC service companies don’t rest easy when it is time to clean up the entire system or service it just after the fall, to prepare the unit for winter. Likewise, hiring HVAC services is imperative in spring and many people will look for new air conditioning just before summer.

Funding for a Myriad of Needs

One challenge many small to medium HVAC service companies face at this time of the year is the lack of funding. There is a myriad of demands that can only be met with some additional business funding. Take for instance the simple requisite of marketing. One heating and cooling company invests substantially in marketing and manages to draw sufficient attention. Another air conditioning company doesn’t manage to invest as much or invests very little to reach out and goes almost unnoticed. The former is flooded with calls and wins hundreds of contracts for the season. The latter is confined to existing clients or perhaps a dozen odd contracts for the entire season. This happens in every industry, heating and cooling industry is not an exception to the norm.

Marketing is obviously only one among the plethora of challenges. Many HVAC service companies want to hire more staff but they are unable to because of the immediate costs they would have to bear. One cannot take up more projects than one can work for. One can only do so when there is more staff. Hiring staff proactively may not be worthwhile unless the contracts come in and that wouldn’t happen unless air condition companies can show they have the manpower. The best way to maneuver this is to have some funding that allows a heating and cooling company to have adequate manpower to take up on as many contracts as one wants.

HVAC services are diverse and distinct. Some companies specialize in all HVAC services. Some companies are yet to expand their expertise. That wouldn’t happen till there is adequate training and the necessary equipment. Small business funding can be availed to invest in infrastructure and technical training to offer more HVAC services. What better time to do that than when there are homeowners and commercial property owners looking for HVAC service companies? LVRG provides fast, reliable small business loans to HVAC companies nationwide. Call (855) 998-LVRG or click below to get started!