Search Engine Optimization for Small Businesses

Major brands like Apple, Chevrolet, Dish, Nike and Wal-Mart among a few hundred other companies are always under the spotlight. Whenever they publish something, add or remove something from their website, any initiative they take and basically whatever they do gets all the attention from the press and from search engines like Google. You would find their updates information right on top of search engine results. That can kind of fate doesn’t await a small business.

Small businesses have to work very hard to get noticed by search engine giants like Google and Bing. While the website and all other online profiles will get indexed, they would simply not get displayed on the first page of search engine results, let aside getting the absolute first rank. In this age, local small businesses need the online exposure. That is regardless of the industry. And here is how one can get that.

A small business should take advantage of local search engine optimization. It is absolutely futile to try and fight with the big guys or to invite massive competition by regarding the internet as a homogenous platform. The internet can be broken down into various categories, geographies and various other factors. The beginning for a small business is Google My Business. Having a business page will allow small businesses to get indexed with Google and this has nothing to do with search engine optimization or content marketing. This is about getting listed so Google can display the business information when people in a given area or city would search for the relevant keywords. For instance, a tourist in New York searching for a pizzeria will get a list of pizzerias and restaurants that serve pizza right on the first page of search engine results. Your small business can get this placement without fighting it out with millions of websites.

The listing has to be accurate. From the business name to the address, contact numbers to the website, everything should be accurate. Local small businesses should focus on the target area to have a greater chance of being listed on the first page of such listings. The niche should also be very well defined. A restaurant is a set, the type of restaurant is a subset and if there are any specialties, then that should also be highlighted to cater to the small niche audience that would search for those keywords.