Say Goodbye to Net 30/60/90. Get Money for Your Invoices When You Need It!

We want to introduce you to our friends at Fundbox, a trusted partner of LVRG Funding for Small Business Invoice Financing Solutions.

Fundbox provides the funds you need to manage cash flow and grow your business while you wait on unpaid invoices. With no application or origination fees, and an automated approval process, Fundbox is the leading invoice financing solution for small businesses.

Fundbox requires that you use one of the following accounting software: QuickBooks, Xero, Freshbooks, Clio, Harvest, Kashoo, InvoiceASAP, Jobber, or Sage One. If you use one of these accounting softwares, you can get started with Fundbox by CLICKING HERE.

Fundbox fixes your cash flow by transferring the amount of your outstanding invoices to your bank account.

Your money, when you need it
Pay salaries, buy equipment, travel for business, and more. Peace of mind guaranteed.

Quick signup
Sign up. Add invoices. Get funds.

Upfront, fair fee
Our fee is determined based on your business health and the invoice you wish to clear.

A really friendly repayment plan
12 or 24 weekly payments, pay early whenever you want and we’ll waive all the remaining fee.