Retail Store Closings Pass 2008 High, Thousands More To Come. Get Small Business Funding NOW!

According to Credit Suisse’s analysis, there have been 2,880 US store closings announced in the year to 6 April, compared to 1,153 at the same point last year. Historically, 60% of store closure announcements occur during the first five months of the calendar year and based on the current rate of closures; there could be more than 8,640 store closings this year, which will be higher than the historical 2008 peak of 6,200.

Credit Suisse’s data on retail store closures is yet another damning report on the state of the US retail industry. Research from Bank of America published at the beginning of last week, showed that after decent hiring activity in December and January, retail jobs contracted by a net 61,000 over February and March, which was initially chalked up to seasonal weakness.

However, analysis of Bank of America aggregated credit and debit card data showed a nearly 20% year-on-year decline in consumer spending within department stores during the first part of the year (greatly exceeding the financial crisis decline as shown in the chart below). This data leads the bank’s analysts to conclude that sudden surge in retail job losses is a structural, not temporary issue.

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