Own a Small Business? 5 Tips to Making this Holiday Season, Your Best Ever!

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A locally owned brick and mortar shop offers great potential for profits and success all through the year but especially during the holiday season. The holiday season has the market place go abuzz with people doing last minute shopping for gifts, groceries and everyday essentials too. It’s just a great time for shoppers and local shop owners. No wonder it’s the perfect time for local shop and business owners to put on their best show and welcome valued customers.

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If you own a small business, pulling up your socks during the holiday season will guarantee a great response for your business. While you need to offer the best all through the year, adding some extra special efforts during this time of the year is an added bonus. So, what can you do to make the best of this holiday season?

Here are 5 effective tips to get ready and get going:

Maximize Customer Service Efforts

This time of the year is also the busiest for customer service issues and challenges. No matter how impressive your services are you need to be prepared for double the number of returns, complaints, issues, exchange, shipping and more. And you have to make sure you deliver 100% satisfaction. Designate a higher number of employees to different customer service needs to ensure a smooth and hassle free time for you and your customers.

Stocked Up with Inventory

Before the onset of the holiday season stock up on all the ‘popular’ items to ensure adequate numbers. But don’t stop there! An inventory management system and a dedicated inventory manager are crucial at this time of the year to be prepared for heavy demands and the right supply for it. You have to make sure that the supply always remains above the demand.

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Offers and Deals

Everyone loves a good bargain! You have to offer some special ‘holiday deals and discounts’ to attract more and more customers. Make limited time offers on products and services. Just be sure that the things you are offering are in high demand and you can always combine it with other value added offers.

Manage Employees

As a local shop owner don’t just need to prepare for customers but also keep in mind the needs of your employees. Employee management is crucial at this time of the year without robbing off their holiday spirit! It is obvious that some of your regular employees may be on holiday too; hiring college students or people looking for a part time job can help you overcome the deficit in the number of employees. A little extra help can go a long way in ensuring a hassle free holiday season.


Using tools and platforms like social media to advertise your products and offers can bring in great profits. Make your local shop advertisement specific to local keywords and target local audience.

Get ready to make this holiday season, a season for big profits!

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