Local Small Businesses May Want to Consider Text Marketing

Text messages are one of the most effective ways to communicate, especially for small businesses. Text marketing is an affordable strategy for any kind of small business, be it local shops or cafes, restaurants, medium sized companies such as roofers, plumbers and electricians or locksmiths, mobile repair shops and all others. Here are some bullet points regarding marketing for small businesses:

  • Local shops and independent small businesses should create a database of customers and acquire phone numbers through various lead generation campaigns. Taking down the phone numbers of customers who visit the store or call up, fill up online forms or just pass by the store inquiring about a product is a great way to grow the database.
  • A small business can engage in targeted marketing with texts. People in the area can have certain offers, those who live afar can be enticed with different offers, those who don’t live anywhere near or are tourists can have specials as well or there can be a different approach to deal with different audiences.
  • Texts these days are not just a bunch of letters or words. They can have multimedia content. They can have links to mobile websites. They can be linked to social media profiles. From emoticons to the classic text, small businesses can easily choose the type of content they like.
  • Small businesses should also use push notifications, GPS based messaging systems offering step by step guidance to specific shops or counters and can also follow up sales or services with courtesy texts to retain existing customers.
  • Text marketing can be used to generate leads, to obtain more information about a customer, to send out welcome texts or to issue notifications for payment deadlines and any such intimation that the company must communicate. Text marketing can increase brand awareness, stay in the reckoning of the customer or target audience so they would always consider the company and its products or services when they make subsequent purchases. Texts can also be used to address grievances and for customer service.
  • Text marketing is extremely affordable. Most networks or carriers offer special packages of unlimited texts which can easily help small businesses to reach out to a staggering number of customers without breaking a financial sweat. Text marketing can also be easily combined with email marketing and mobile marketing. It fits in perfectly with any kind of online or offline marketing strategy and more importantly it remains personalized without any effort.