How to Create an Awesome Instagram Video About Your Local Small Business

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Even local shops need to strongly consider the value of utilizing Instagram. The social media juggernaut has become a powerful way for brands and individuals alike to share content in the form of pictures of short videos. That’s it. Instagram gives you some ways to play around with those things, in terms of how you present them, but the name of the game is ultimately pictures and short videos. A local small business such as yours should take both of those possibilities seriously, in terms of the use of the app for locally owned independent small businesses such as yours.

What NOT to do as a Local Small Business Owner

You don’t have to be a social media marketing wizard to utilize Instagram videos that can benefit locally owned independent retailers such as yours. Those who love to shop small are constantly utilizing social media to follow, discover, and exchange information on new and emerging companies and established businesses alike. Creating strong video content for your Instagram is a great way to engage those people with your brick and mortar.

So what’s the next step to Creating Awesome Instagram Videos For Local Small Businesses?

Here are the basics of creating Instagram videos:

Open Instagram: Once opened, you can either record a new video, or upload one from your device.

•Video mode: In video mode, you will press and hold your video button down to record your new content. When you are finished, release your red button.

•Filters: Play around with the filters available to you. Try to consider what makes sense for your local small business.

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•Image stabilization: Even those who maintain locally owned independent small businesses need to consider the value of image stabilization, which is a default feature that works to avoid a shaky video due to shaky hands.

•Cover photo: You can pick your cover photo from the frames of your video.

Now, let’s take a look at some simple brick and mortar business tips for Instagram video that can take videos for locally owned independent retailers like yours to the next level:

•If you have videos on other channels, remember you can upload these to Instagram, as well.

•Remember the value of Instagram Galleries, which allows you to upload as many as ten photos or videos.

•There are lots and lots of apps for Instagram video out there. Don’t be afraid to try a few out.

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•Production props and stop motion tests are well worth investigating in greater detail.

Hope these tips provided value to you. Check out our knowledge center for more great small business growth tips!