How Can a Small Business use Text Marketing

A small business doesn’t have much resource or even financial liberty to explore myriad marketing strategies. The mediums available are stunted and the outreach is limited. But that doesn’t dilute the significance of marketing. Small businesses need to market their products and services, establish the entities as a credible brand and should always have sufficient exposure to remain relevant.

Local small businesses should invest time and effort in text marketing. Text marketing is not very expensive. It is effective and it can be used by small business owners who aren’t tech savvy otherwise. Not every small business owner can master search engine optimization or content marketing. Old school strategies or less challenging marketing methods are more desirable.

Let us explore how small businesses can use text marketing:

  • Small businesses should build their own database of clients or customers, leads and target audience. They should be segregated. Leads are not customers and target audience is not necessarily ready to be converted. Every time small businesses interact or come across someone in the target audience, there should be an attempt to obtain their cell phone number. The interaction can be at the office or store, it could be at an event or trade show, the correspondence can be online or just a casual word at a café. It doesn’t matter when, where and how or why the number is being obtained. What matters is that small businesses keep growing their database of cell phone numbers.
  • Once the database is in place, it is time to use it. Local small businesses that cannot build their own database can purchase it. Leads should be used differently from how you would text existing customers. Leads can be texted about special signup discounts or bonuses. Existing customers can be reminded about their last purchase, renewals or can be offered special deals for repeat purchases. The target audience can be similarly wooed using various specials or rewards.
  • Text marketing is not just confined to announcing a discount or a freebie. It can be used for feedback, criticism, referral marketing, informational updates and for branding purposes. Text marketing can also be used by small businesses to increase their sales. For instance, a patron at a restaurant can be texted about a special dish or a combo meal in case she or he has missed it. A shopper at an apparel store can be texted about a special dress or a rare discount while she or he is at the store. 

Small businesses often times get lost in the shuffle, so get creative and find ways to stand out from the pack!