How can a local small business leverage social media?

How can a local small business leverage social media tips.jpeg

Many small businesses don’t realize the potential of social media. Worse, they don’t understand the significance or even the relevance of social media. It is presumed by many that social media is for large businesses or those companies that require a statewide, nationwide or global audience. Social media is not for local shops, so stands the perception of millions of small business owners. Here's a few tips:

  • Social media will help a small business to get the desired exposure. State one medium that will give you an immediate exposure to millions of people, that too across the country and around the world!
  • Even if you have such a medium, compare it with social media and assess the costs as well as the impact. Social media will win the comparison hands down. There is no easier way to connect with your target audience. Small businesses don’t need to reach out to a million people. But the target audience which is confined to a neighborhood or perhaps a city will also be on the various social media sites. The local small businesses don’t have to reach out to a million people. They can just cater to those who are in the area and using social media.
  • Social media has the power to form and shape opinion. It can allow a startup to become a sensation and one wrong step for a major conglomerate can cost it millions in dwindling sales. The influence is the biggest reason why small businesses should use social media. Local shops can have people writing great reviews of its products, the service and perhaps the entire experience. From cafes, retail boutiques, barber shops, restaurants and craft breweries; positive reviews benefit every small business. Social media also has a tendency to make things go viral. A great offer put forth by a local small business can go viral. There can be overwhelming response. The entire stock can get sold out in no time. It could be online sales, offline sales or a bit of both. Social media will amplify any initiative that a small business takes.
  • Social media helps with marketing, advertising, search engine optimization, promotions and sales. Social media is also useful for branding. In fact, it is the only avenue that a small business can use for branding without spending a fortune, often without spending anything.

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