Growing Your Small Business Exponentially

The key differentiator of a “real” businessperson and a mediocre shop owner is that savvy small business owners know how to grow their business exponentially.  What does that mean?  In mathematical terms, it means that your effort (or input) each day should build on itself to produce greater output.  That is, if 1 unit of effort equals 1 output, 2 units of effort should equal 3 outputs, not two.  For example, if 1 hour of your time investment resulted in $200 in sales, 2 hours of your time should result in $500, $600, or even $1000 in sales, and not $400 (which would be a linear growth).  How can this be achieved?

Observations of independent small business owners show that successful businesses actively plan and invest for their future.  Instead of working overtime (or even overnight) to meet growing demands, successful business owners invest in infrastructure (new equipment, systems etc.) to increase their productivity and efficiency.  Of course, such investments require additional capital that may not be readily available through regular cash flow from operations.  In this case, shrewd business owners seek out for top rated business cash advance lenders or merchant cash advances (MCA's) to fuel their growth.

Finding an appropriate business loan on your own is not an easy task.  A myriad of documentations, business history, and personal credit ratings must interplay to receive desired capital- which takes time.  Alternatively, especially for those businesses with a short track record or less than perfect credit; small business owners can apply for cash flow loans, revenue based loans, merchant cash advances and other small business loan options provided by LVRG Funding. The process is often much easier and efficient, calculating an optimal interest rate to boost your business to the next step.

Our expert funding advisors are ready to learn about your business needs to determine if a merchant cash advance, cash flow loan, revenue based loan or small business loan is right for you; and we do so with speed and transparency. Call us toll free for more info! (855) 998-5874