Fueling "Serious" Small Business Owners with Working Capital that Makes Sense!

Our passion is working with "serious" small business owners who are more interested in creating a long standing funding relationship, rather than those who's only intent is to scour the internet searching for the lowest rate on a transactional loan. FYI, we can list hundreds of business owners who are either in jeopardy of losing their business, or actually out of business, because they shopped loan rates to death and wound up in the hands of lenders who buried them in debt. Loan shoppers and tire kickers are the reason many of the new breed of internet tech lenders are closing up shop or severely downsizing, and we don't plan on following them off the cliff. Our clients want the support of real small business finance professionals; not tech algorithms, data entry sales reps in cubicles and overseas telemarketers. 

We enter into partnerships with clients, and our approach to success is to connect small business owners with appropriate funding. We provide guidance and share our knowledge of the industry with every client. We strive to assist in the building of your business, and we do this by not leaving you adrift in the lending arena. LVRG endeavors to build client relationships that last beyond a one-time small business loan. We provide consultants who understand how to fit entrepreneurs with the products that fit their business and not the products that most benefit our firm. 

Being a boutique firm, our philosophy is, "sell a lot of cheap ice cream to a lot of people who will never be back, or sell a little bit of better ice cream to less people who will come again and again and again." So, if you intend to shop term sheets to death, naive enough to fall pray to "fake" loan rates, or plan to play us off countless other funding sources in search for what doesn't even exist; we are not the company for you. However, if you are a "serious" small business owner who's ready to create long term financing relationship, and/or funding partnership, we're here for you and ready to help!