Detroit Based LVRG Provides $2 Million in Financing Fueling Detroit’s Small Business Growth


Official Press Release Distributed on March 28th, 2018.

Detroit  – When it’s rooted in Detroit you know it’s good. LVRG is headquartered in Detroit’s Historic Ford Building and provides Detroit small businesses with an efficient, simplified alternative to bank financing.

Since establishing its headquarters in Detroit in 2015, LVRG has provided $2 million in small business loans, revenue-based financing, cash flow, and working capital solutions ranging from $10,000 to $500,000. Typically, LVRG puts financing in a business owner’s hands within hours of qualification.

“We have facilitated around $2 million in financing to small businesses in Detroit and the surrounding suburbs throughout the past few years,” said Charles Barr, Co-Founder & Director of LVRG. “We have the capacity to support the small business community in Metro Detroit far beyond that $2 million, and we look forward to the opportunities ahead.”

LVRG understands small business owners face unique challenges that require the partnership of an experienced funding company, and LVRG is happy to provide those resources.

Most small business owners will encounter obstacles when seeking funding from mainstream banks. In fact, out of the 30 million small businesses in this country, more than 80% of them will never qualify for traditional bank financing. LVRG exists to provide opportunities to small businesses to fill the gap in traditional bank financing. LVRG is eager to fund these businesses, that otherwise wouldn’t stand a chance to grow, which in turn supports the greater economy.

LVRG has unique alternatives to traditional bank loans. Hassle free options allow business owners, who have limited access to capital because of tightening credit markets, obtain the financing they need to support and grow their business. Unlike a bank, LVRG looks at a business’s historical cash flow and performance, not just a strict credit criteria. This allows them the flexibility to effectively evaluate your business and provide you with the financing you deserve.

“Being non-bankable doesn’t have to mean small businesses are forced to limit their business goals,” said Barr. “There’s a ton of capital out there and financing opportunities are available. From my experiences with existing small business owners in the Detroit market, they tend to be looking for capital in the wrong places. I want to see businesses and Detroit grow. And LVRG can help along the way.”

The criteria to apply is simple. Minimum six months in business and $10,000 per month in gross revenue. No startups, or purchases will be considered.

Additionally, with more than 100 reputable funding partnerships all across the country, the amount of capital LVRG is able to fuel into Metro Detroit small business can definitely make a huge impact.

“Coming to us is a one-stop shop for business financing, because there’s really nothing that we can’t get done - other than funding a start-up,” said Barr. “As long as the business is established with at least six months operating history and consistent cash flow, chances are we can help that business owner with obtaining the necessary financing that a business needs to sustain themselves and grow.”

LVRG is a nation-wide funding company rooted in Detroit. There are satellite offices in South Florida and New York, which expand the network of lending partnerships and small businesses to assist.

“At LVRG, we believe we are different from other lending firms. We never set out to be the biggest, but we constantly strive to be the best,” said Barr.

LVRG may not be the only funding company out there - just a better one.

About LVRG: Headquartered in Detroit's Historic Ford Building, LVRG is committed to the success and growth of small businesses throughout the United States. LVRG provides an alternative to traditional bank financing offering small business loans, revenue-based financing, cash flow, and working-capital solutions to help business owners overcome the challenges unique to a small business. Call LVRG toll free at (855) 998-5874 or click below to apply online.