Craft Brewery Marketing Idea: Think Mobile.

If you’re not thinking about how customers see you on mobile devices, you need to start now. Don’t believe us? The numbers speak for themselves.

• Internet users spend 51% of their time browsing on mobile versus 42% on a desktop or laptop.
• Nearly 75% of Americans own at least one smartphone, and for many, it’s their main entry point to the Internet.
• Facebook, the world’s most heavily trafficked social media site, reports that a whopping 38% of its users are mobile only.

Not long ago, the idea of wearing a watch to communicate with others and stay informed was a concept only seen in TV and movies. Over the last few years, however, mobile usage has skyrocketed, and with the continuous development of mobile tech (we see you reading this, Apple Watch wearer) breweries need to make their mobile strategy a priority.

Some important mobile questions to consider include: How does our our website look on a mobile device? Are my emails optimized for reading across multiple devices? How can my brewery take advantage of other mobile functionalities (push notifications, apps, check-ins, etc.)? We don’t expect you to tackle it all, but if you’re not thinking forward, you’re behind.