Autumn Small Business Tips: Seasonal Tips to Boost Your Local Small Business!

Fall is the gateway to the busiest time of the shopping season. The leaves are changing colors and the air is getting crisp. Children are carving pumpkins and parents are decorating their homes with spooky decorations. It’s Halloween season and there are many ways to enjoy the holiday. Why not have some fun with it and grow your small business at the same time?

Initiatives like Small Business Saturday is right around the corner, November 26th 2016. Shop Small is a nationwide movement to celebrate small businesses every day and to help communities thrive. Small Business Saturday is a day dedicated to supporting small businesses across the country. Founded by American Express in 2010, this day is celebrated each year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This is a perfect time to get involved in your local community if you are not already. 

Local craft breweries are brewing up apple, cinnamon, and pumpkin based beer. Yes please! Own a local craft brewery? Click here for craft brewery Halloween marketing tips. Fall is a wonderful time of year, a time to build new relationships with other local business owners and establish yourself in the community as a prominent small business owner.

Consider the tips discussed below on how to attract a fall crowd for small businesses:

Spice up the shop - Decorate the shop with fall flowers and leaves, pumpkins and other fall decorations, letting the local community know that you’re in the fall spirit. Seasonal décor is very powerful in increasing the seasonal sales and it works like a charm for local small business where customers walk in to make their purchases.

Plan a Seasonal Event - Think of a seasonal event relevant to the fall which you can use to attract customers to your shop. Halloween for instance, is known to get people excited and you could plan for a contest or a giveaway to attract new customers and also keep the current ones hooked on what you have to offer. To be successful with this, however, whatever event you are planning must be unique and it must offer value to your customers as well as the potential customers.

Stay Social - Social media doesn’t recognize seasons. Staying active in social media is important for local small businesses to stay on people's minds. By staying active, you will continue to provide you products and services and attend to customers when most of the people are away. In this manner, you will not just increase the satisfaction of your current clients, but also you will be in a great position to attract loads of new customers.

Seasonal Treats - Come October, Starbucks is one of the first to roll out their pumpkin spiced goodies. Give a few gift cards to loyal customers, a small gesture even for a cup of coffee can go a long way. If you are in the culinary or food business, revamp your menu and give it an autumnal twist. More apple and cinnamon, and pumpkin based recipes? Yes please! Halloween inspired decoration too? Sounds like a winner!

Vouchers - Everybody loves vouchers! How about you tap into the desire for a bargain and create a special discount campaign. For example, whoever spends a certain amount or over gets a free ticket for the local ghost tour, haunted house or cider mill. Customers will want to spend more in order to get the most value for their pennies, and you can probably buy the tickets for your promotion at a bulk discounted rate.

Autumn means we are right around the corner from the busiest spending season in the calendar year. This year, the NRF (National Retail Federation) estimates that holiday sales will increase 3.7% to $630.5 billion dollars in 2016, compared to last year. NOW is the time to start preparing to make sure your business gets it's fair share of that amount. NOW is the time to begin getting ready advertising & marketing campaigns, ordering/purchasing additional inventory, hire new staff, buy new equipment, do some renovations and improvements to your shop, etc. Do not wait until your business is desperate for cash, and you're forced to accept any funding offer that's made. Plan for a very successful holiday season and start planning now! The last thing you want is to be scrambling for cash, on the day that you need it!