AC & HVAC Contractors Social Media Tips for Big Business Growth

As an air conditioner contractor, it’s important to remember the value of social media. In this day and age, virtually everyone needs to create and maintain some sort of social media presence for their businesses. You can certainly extend that thought to any AC contractor offering an AC repair service, an AC installation service, or more likely, to the contractors who offer both of these services.

Understanding that you need to take social media seriously as a contractor is the first step. The second step is to understand how to use social media effectively for your contractor business. This can be difficult, particularly if you don’t even really use social media in your private life. However, there several simple steps you can keep in mind.

Using Social Media For Your AC Repair/Installation Service

In the first place, don’t think of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the rest as marketing tools for your AC repair service or AC installation service. You will promote your business, but that’s not what you ultimately need to worry about. As an air conditioner contractor, your social media focus should be on customer service and education.

With that in mind, here are some basics to create a social media foundation for an AC contractor:

•Use video to showcase completed projects: Photos are fine, but you can do so much more with social media. Including videos on AC maintenance, challenging repair projects, or examples of common mistakes to avoid with AC care are good examples of what we’re talking about.

•But don’t forget the photos either: Before and after photos of projects can be a good way to display your experience with AC installation, or anything else pertaining to your work.

•Engaging the audience: Ask questions, offer surveys, and look for other ways to actually connect to your customers. The more accessible you are on social media, the more people are going to come away with the feeling that you are someone they can trust.

•Don’t get overwhelmed: We’re not saying that you need to set up shop at every single social media hub in existence. That’s just silly, and it won’t accomplish much. Start with a Facebook page, and decide if you want to do more from there.

•Share news: Education is a cornerstone of your AC contractor social media presence. Share news and videos that pertain to your industry that would be of interest to clients.

These are five simple things to help you get started. Have questions about cash flow? We can help! Call (855) 998-LVRG or click here to contact us.