7 Simple Secrets To Totally Boosting Sales In Your Local Clothing Boutique

7 Simple Secrets To Totally Boosting Sales In Your Local Clothing Boutique.jpg

Clothing boutiques make up the backbone of the shop small movement. Your clothing boutique is no different in this regard. As a local small business owner, your clothing shop offers customers unique products in a singular environment. In a perfect world, your small shop appeals to both residents and visitors to your community.

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If you feel as though you are missing out on that potential appeal, you might be. Consider our list of 7 simple secrets to boost the sales of your locally owned independent small business, and imagine applying some of these suggestions to your small business. Chances are, you can take advantage of some of these secrets for a locally owned business such as yours.

How To Boost Sales For Your Local Clothing Boutique

Here are some simple, effective secrets for your brick and mortar clothing boutique. All of these suggestions can work for small businesses/clothing boutiques such as yours:

1. Your local shop has its own holiday: Believe it or not, but there isn’t anything wrong with inventing a creative, unique holiday to generate interest in your business.

2. Start a commission plan for salespeople: Don’t have one? Consider adding one to motivate your staff.

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3. Employee discounts: While we’re at it, remember that a simple employee discount generates goodwill with the staff, while also increasing community awareness of your small shop.

4. Window displays: A window display is the bread and butter of a local small business owner such as yours. This is particularly true with clothing boutiques, which rely on unique, appealing window displays to grab attention from passersby.

5. The art of subtle up-selling: Your salespeople need to understand that someone who truly believes in the shop small movement isn’t going to be pushy about up-selling. Subtle suggestions will be far more effective.

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6. Social media: A Facebook page is pretty important, but clothing boutiques such as yours can also benefit from a simple Instagram page. 

7. Partner up: Find complementary businesses in your community. Small businesses can very often benefit from combining resources, offering referrals for one another, and other perks of a mutually-beneficial relationship.

These are just a few simple things that you can put into action with very little initial effort. Regardless of the season, these tips for your locally owned independent small business can boost sales over not only the short term, but over the long term, as well.

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Hope these tips help. For more great small business tips, check out our knowledge center!