7 Simple and Effective Ways to Boost Sales in Your Local Shop This Holiday Season 2017

7 Simple and Effective Ways to Boost Sales in Your Local Shop This Holiday Season 2017.jpg

Irrespective of how the sales at your small shop have been this year, you should really try to pick up the pace during the Holiday season. After all, people become most generous and have maximum spending power, during this time of the year!

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Generate a buzz

Rather than simply expecting people to head over to your locally owned small business, one of the best things you can do is generate a buzz online or offline as well. Do this by creating a page online or even by setting up hoardings in different parts of the city.

What NOT to do as a Local Small Business Owner

Make good combo offers

Most shoppers love good combo offers, this is not merely a great way to attract customers, but also a great marketing strategy. Do this by combining similar products like a watch & wallet, then offer a considerable discount. Apart from this, making gift baskets would also be a super idea.

Offer great variety

If you wish your local shop to thrive, then you should make it a point to offer a great variety of products. This doesn’t mean different kinds of products, rather different brands of the same product.

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Cater to the needs of your customer

Rather than simply selling one kind of products you should cater to the needs of a large cross section of people. After all, most shoppers love it when they can get various things under one roof itself.

Move outdoors

To really grab eyeballs to your small business, you should set up a stall on the sidewalk, because this will certainly help in attracting people to your store. Maybe even a popup shop.

Accept all kinds of payment options

Most brick and mortar stores lose out on customers, because they just accept one kind of payment. If you really want your sales to hit the roof this Holiday season, then you must consider accepting various diverse kinds of payment, so that customers aren’t inconvenienced in any way.

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Be open 24x7 or at least longer Holiday hours

If you really want to boost sales, then being open 24x7 during the holiday season is a great option. Can't do the 24x7 thing? Then open early and close late. Because in this way you will catch the last minute shoppers who are usually willing to pay any price you ask!

Doing these things are incredibly simple so try and put these effective tips into action as they are bound to make your sales skyrocket this Holiday season.