6 Ways Locally Owned Brick and Mortar Small Business Can Fight Back Against Amazon

6 Ways Locally Owned Brick and Mortar Small Business Can Fight Back Against Amazon.jpg

It is indeed unfortunate that e-commerce giants have made things incredibly challenging for brick and mortar retailers, this certainly does not imply that offline retailers can’t compete with e-commerce powerhouses such as Amazon. However with the correct marketing plan, and products in the respective locally owned shops, you’ll discover that going against such heavyweights is actually a manageable job.

So, some of the chief ways in which this can be done is as follows-

Stress on speed, instant gratification and convenience

The biggest pro of a local shop is that things can be availed of instantly. So in order to boost your business, this is something which you ought to stress only. Once clients understand that they can get instant gratification at competitive prices, they’ll have no need to shop online for every single thing.

Work in unison with the landlord

If you are centred at a mall, collaborate with the landlord to increase foot traffic. There are many malls, which focus on one shop a month, in order to boost the business of that small shop.

Hire the best work force

Amazon offers good customer service, but at the end of the day, this service is nothing but a person behind a computer screen, so to really compete you should hire a great work force to give customers that personal experience.

Go beyond the basics

Rather than simply selling basis commodities in your locally owned small business, you should try your best to go beyond this and actually have some custom made products sold at your store. In this way, you will be able to attract many customers to your brick and mortar establishment.

Offer competitive prices

One of the chief reasons why people prefer to shop on Amazon is owing to the fact that Amazon has great discounts, so if really want to fight back, the first thing to do would be to offer some good discounts.

Be online

No matter how old school you might be, having an ecommerce presence is an absolute must in this day and age. Setting up a website is incredibly easy and affordable, so why should you be missing out on all the potential customers?

These are some simple yet practical things which even any small shop owner can do in order to ensure that business runs smoothly, irrespective of competitors like Amazon might come up with. Hope this helps...