6 Undeniable Reasons To Absolutely Love Locally Owned, Independent Small Businesses

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As the owner of a local small business, it can be difficult sometimes to remember just how much you matter. Locally owned independent small businesses are the backbone of virtually any community, and yet they are rarely appreciated for how much they bring to their particular community. Especially in today's technology overloaded environment. If you own a brick and mortar shop, you know what we are talking about.

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But there are always reasons to remain encouraged that local shops matter. The shop small movement is getting more and more attention these days. Many businesses are seeing increased attention from consumers. Then you have the fact that certain locally owned independent retailers are always going to have a steady source of customers for one reason or another.

The truth of the matter is that local small businesses are more popular than ever. Why is that the case? As you will find, there are some pretty major reasons to love locally owned independent small businesses.

Why People Love Locally Owned Independent Small Businesses

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We love what a local small business can bring to a community. We know you do, too. Here are six undeniable reasons to love locally owned, independent small businesses:

1. The contribution to local character/prosperity: Local shops help communities to avoid becoming overly homogenized, which no one really wants. Unique businesses like yours help to contribute to the uniqueness of the community, and communities receive economic advantages for taking that fact seriously.

2. Community comfort: Those who shop small help to create strong communities, in which neighbors and local businesses are linked on a variety of different levels. Economic relationships and social relationships are created through this linking, and local causes are championed and assisted.

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3. Small businesses are still the heart and soul of the economy: Locally owned independent small businesses continue to make up around 99.7% of all employers in the United States. Locally owned independent retailers are also responsible for creating around 75% of the new jobs in our economy.

4. People love guts: Let’s be honest, and let’s say that few in the world of commerce have more guts than small business owners like you. These are the people who put everything on the line to make their dreams come true. People inherently like that, and often want to support that.

5. Local economy: Money spent on small businesses stay in the local economy.

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6. Product diversity: Local shops contribute to product diversity, which enhances a community in a variety of ways.

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