6 Compelling Reasons Why Communities Need Locally Owned Small Businesses

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Why do we need local small businesses?

Locally owned independent small businesses are one of the most important parts of our countries economy, as well as your local community. Here are six important factors why you should be a supporter of your locally owned independent retailers.

Why are local small businesses so important?

1. Local businesses feed the local economy.

If you shop at a larger company that is just a part of a larger organization, then a large portion of the money that you are spending will find its way back to those larger organizations, but if you are shopping locally, then aside from the supplies that they are purchasing, you will find that most of that money stays in your community.

2. Small businesses meet the needs of the individual.

If you shop small at the local shops, then you will find that those stores will be better able to meet your individual needs than the big boxes can. This is because they are familiar with your community and its needs.

3. Small business know the community.

When a local person decides to start a business in their community, it is because they saw a need that they could help fulfill. this is one of the biggest strengths of independent businesses.

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4. Small business care about you.

Because this business put up its brick and mortar location in your town, they have a vested interest in your needs and concerns.

5. Small businesses can grow bigger.

Our economy depends on the fact that each small business has the potential to become something larger. Each of the main street small businesses that you see in your home town could one day become a bigger force across the entire country.

6. Small businesses are run by people you know.

When you are dealing with a local business, it is being run by people that are local. Depending on how large your town is, you may know them by name, but chances are that they are someone that at least knows a couple of people that you know as well.

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Support your local small businesses! When you are considering where to spend your money, why not take some time to look at the small businesses around you. They are an important part of your community and can provide a variety of benefits to you town if you are willing to give them a chance to show what they can do.

We support locally owned, independent small business, and you should too!