5 Brick and Mortar Small Business Growth Tips for a Big Fall Season

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A brick and mortar business like yours is no doubt looking forward to the end of the summer season. Summer can certainly benefit some locally owned independent small businesses. However, for most of us, we look forward to the fall. A healthy fall can be a precursor to a very happy holiday season during the winter. Again, different locally owned independent retailers have different ideal seasons for their goods and services, but most of us are still planning for the fall season to be our big season for the year.

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Barring that, local shops want a strong fall to give them momentum to finish the old year, while starting the new one, in success. A local small business such as yours can make a number of small changes now, in order to have a very happy fall season. Simple measures can allow you to get the biggest reach possible with those who shop small in your community.

5 Brick and Mortar Small Business Growth Tips For A Big Fall Season

5 Brick and Mortar Small Business Growth Tips For A Big Fall Season.jpg

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Ready to make some small changes that can potentially have huge benefits? Here are some tips for locally owned independent small businesses that can apply to just about all of the locally owned independent retailers in your community, including you:

1. Build local enthusiasm: Depending on the particulars of your brick and mortar business, you can likely hold a special event to close out the summer, or usher in the beginning of the fall season. Offer something unique to drive community interest, which can have a number of social media benefits.

2. Don’t be afraid to fall, but be ready to jump right back up: Making calculated risks is what owning local shops is all about. Don’t let a fear of failure keep you from making those calculated risks. But don’t bite off more than you can chew, and don’t waste too much time picking yourself back up.

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3. Start a new business relationship: Creating new relationships helps businesses thrive. Look for a new professional relationship to take your company in a new direction. This can be in the form of a supplier, or by working with a company whose interests are similar to yours.

4. Try new things: Consider opening a new social media account, or trying something a little different with your business.

5. Engage your current customers: Locally owned independent small businesses can always benefit from reaching out to customers for ideas and genuine feedback.

What are the keys to success when operating a locally owned independent small business?

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