Does Size Matter? In Business...

It's the age old question, does size matter?
Is bigger...better?

Get your mind out of the gutter people, we're talking about business here! Size in and of itself, is not intrinsically a good thing. We've had clients with large businesses who brag about doing millions of dollars in revenue, yet every time we complete a cash flow analysis, we find the business is flat broke and barely staying alive. We've had other clients doing a few hundred thousand dollars per year in consistent revenue and filing nice profits. The gross revenue number is relevantly irrelevant, if the bottom line is a massive loss. 

Size must be underpinned and augmented with many other characteristics, disciplines, and attributes in order to be a meaningful measure. Size must add value, not dilute it. Size should never outpace capability, and size should not be a substitute for quality. Growth shouldn’t be an expression or measure of ego, but should be a gauge of the health of your leadership, your brand and your culture. Ultimately, it’s not really the growth or size that matters, but the discoveries made along the path to growth, and the outcomes achieved as the result of growth that produce the most value. We can't be sure if your significant other has an opinion on their version of the, "does size matter" conundrum, but for business purposes, concentrate on quality over quantity, with a steady, organic and efficient plan for growth.


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