Gearing up for another big week, fueling America's small businesses!

We're gearing up for another big week at LVRG! As a small business owner, solicited and unsolicited advice comes from all kinds of sources: friends, family, business acquaintances, employees, social media, customers, neighbors, and even people you meet standing in line at the bank. One key to being a successful small business owner is figuring out whose advice is worth listening to. We're seeing and hearing about a lot of small business owners getting burned in their quest for capital, listening to what they want to hear and not listening to what's real. Small business owners across America trust us, and rely on us; not because we do what others do, rather by doing what others don’t. We’re making a positive impact in the world of small business finance, and we’re going to continue on this path for a very long time. We do what we do for the right reasons, we’re here to stay, and we’re here to help!