Small Business Financing That Makes Sense

Forgive us, but we are very confused by this... It's mind blowing how many small business owners are accepting financial advice and business loans from call-center telemarketers. If you needed heart surgery and a telemarketer called saying they could do it, would you be interested? If you needed a cavity filled and a telemarketer happened to call, would you book an appointment? But you'd trust the future of your business and put your livelihood on the line, accepting financing from a call-center telemarketer who knows nothing about finance, and/or your business? We get calls all day long from small business owners who got burned, by accepted loans from telemarketing lenders and now their cash flow is being squeeze so tight, they're almost out of business. What part of buying a business loan from a telemarketer, makes sense? If you're looking for a real funding partner who ultimately wants to help you and your business grow, do what smart small business owners across America do... call LVRG! (855) 998-5874


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