Why Do Smart, Savvy, Serious, Small Business Owners Choose LVRG Over Other Small Business Funders? Well, It's Pretty Simple Actually...

Why Do Smart, Savvy, Serious, Small Business Owners Choose LVRG Over Other Small Business Funders? Well, It's Pretty Simple Actually...

If you own a small business, chances are you've probably looked into the myriad of financing options available to you. In today's online and digitally connected business world, nearly all small business owners have 'shopped' banks, loan brokers, online lenders, loan platforms, etc., simply to see what kind of financing options are being offered. You don't even have to go out and search for financing anymore, it's practically being thrown at you from every angle. From telemarketer solicitations, loan brokers harassing you, social media constantly in your face, postcards arriving in the mail, flyers landing on your desk, banner ads flooding your search engines, pop ups appearing on every website you visit and emails flooding your inbox. All promising the lowest rates, best terms and instant pre-approvals for hundreds of thousands of dollars simply for having a pulse!

Would you undergo open heart surgery from someone you found on Craigslist? What about getting on an airplane with a pilot who's never flown before. What about getting a cavity filled by your local butcher? Would you have your estate planned by someone who's flat broke or buy a stock from someone who doesn't know the difference between NYSE or DJI? How does hiring a stranger who hates kids to babysit your newborn sound? Those analogies are about as ridiculous as trusting the future of your business and the lively-hood of your family in the hands of someone without any background, knowledge, education or experience in finance and/or business. Small business finance is broken, and falling apart piece by piece. Unfortunately, it's taken thousands of small business owners and their businesses with it.

LVRG is made up of real small business finance professionals, providing real small business financing solutions. We ensure that the financing options we provide is done in a professional manner that upholds both our reputation and yours. We believe in providing our clients with sound advice, ethical guidance and will not cut corners just to close a deal faster. We know that many of our clients seek our type of financing options because it's extremely challenging to attain them anywhere else. To this end, we believe in taking into account all the different factors that make up the client's circumstances to best determine in what way we can help you to achieve the financial goals you set for yourself.

LVRG represents a different idea and fresh approach to the ever-changing world of small business finance. We understand that all small businesses are unique, and their financing requirements should reflect these differences. You deserve more than a cookie-cutter, one size fits all, algorithm generated small business loan; and that's exactly what we provide. The bottom line, banks are not lending to "true" small businesses and most online lenders are so automated, they don't even know who they're lending to. Loan shopping websites and affiliate bloggers promote shop, shop, shop for business loans. This advice is not only inaccurate and misleading, but it's also completely wrong and potentially detrimental to your business. Those sites & bloggers get paid by you loan shopping; but what they don't tell you is that all you're typically doing is racking up offers that will never materialize and ruining your credit at the same time. Most lenders are making frivolous offers and having business owners sign / notarize funding contracts, "before" underwriting. Another words, you think you're about to receive funding and all you wind up getting is a last-minute decline. People really need to stop scouring the internet racking up offers, as more often than not they are nothing more than make believe offers that will never materialize. Sadly, many small business owners are only hearing what they want to hear and not listening to the truth, so they walk from legitimate financing offers and in the end wind up with nothing. One bad loan can take down your business and it's shocking how many small business owners are taking the chance on the future of their business. 

Our greatest successes in life are found in helping others succeed. Our most lasting and fulfilling achievements are earned by helping others fulfill theirs. We aren't algorithms, growth hackers, software programs, auto-dialers, telemarketers, or boiler room salesmen trying to make a quick buck; rather a team of human beings that are passionate about helping other human beings reach their dreams. We do so by providing the most prudent small business financing options available, coupled with speed and transparency. It's really as simple as that. We may seem small because we provide hands-on personal service, but our operation is expansive. LVRG is a multi-niche lending house with impeccable credentials. As a client said, "LVRG is a breath of fresh air in the small business loan industry." We are not a transactional small business finance company, rather a transformational funding partner to our clients and their respective businesses. Small business owners across America trust us, and rely on us; not because we do what others do, rather by doing what others don’t. We’re making a positive impact in the world of small business finance, and we’re going to continue on this path for a very long time. Call (855) 998-LVRG or click the banner below!