Craft Brewery Halloween Marketing Tips

Fall is upon us, the leaves are changing colors and the air is getting crisp. Children are carving pumpkins and adults are loving craft beer! It’s Halloween season and there are many ways to enjoy the holiday. Why not have some fun with it and grow your brewery at the same time? 

Here are a few Halloween craft brewery marketing ideas that you may enjoy:

  • Give a few gift cards to loyal customers, a small gesture even for a pint of pumpkin beer or branded brewery t-shirt can go a long way.
  • More apple, cinnamon, and pumpkin based beer? Yes please! Halloween inspired decoration too? Sounds like a winner!
  • Welcome trick-or-treaters into your business. Adult style, of course! Everyone loves Halloween treats, if you advertise that you’re offering a special trick-or-treat gift, you never know who just may show up and be wowed.
  • Vouchers – Everybody loves vouchers. How about you tap into the desire for a bargain and create a special discount campaign or loyalty program. For example, whoever spends a certain amount or over gets a free ticket for the local ghost tour, haunted house or cider mill. Customers will want to spend more in order to get the most value for their pennies, and you can probably buy the tickets for your promotion at a bulk discounted rate. This is also a great way to network with local business owners for referral business. Local businesses grow together if they collaborate. 
  • Costume Party – How about a discount for people visiting your brewery in their Halloween costumes? Something like this will certainly get people talking and coming through the doors.
  • Social Media Campaign – Photo contests on social media are huge. Why? Because people love uploading photos, and especially after they've had a few beers. So why not make a competition where people have to upload a photo of their pet in a Halloween costume or best pumpkin carving for the chance to win a prize. The prize could be anything, from a free beer or brewery tour. It's not necessarily about the prize, it's about engaging with customers and having fun!
  • Decorate - Put up Halloween decorations in your brewery, or change the layout on your website to make it more festive for the Halloween season. Your customers will have a lot of fun with this.
  • Haunted Brewery - Turn your brewery into a haunted brewery, maybe create a hay ride, or haunted brewery tour. Just be sure not to frighten people, the purpose is to make people smile and enjoy themselves, not scare them. 
  • Run a costume contest on your website. Have people send in pictures of themselves in their costume, and offer some sort of prize for the best one.
  • Dress the brewery owner and brewmaster - Another great idea how to get people engaged and create some social buzz around your brand is asking your followers about their opinion on what the business owner should wear for a Halloween party. You can present a few options and then let the public decide. Whichever look gets the most likes wins. This is a sure-fire way to get people talking and liking.
  • Give out candy or gifts to customers - Give people little treats to people who show up around Halloween. Let them know that their business is appreciated with a little seasonal fun!
  • Get employees involved - Speaking of costumes and dressing up, why not ask the staff to get dressed for the occasion. People visiting your brewery will love that, simply get everybody to pose for a picture in their Halloween gear and watch the Likes on Facebook go up!
  • Write Halloween related posts for your website. Give people great costume ideas, write accounts of your favorite Halloween memories from your childhood and more.
  • Carve pumpkins for your brewery or even have pumpkin carving night at your brewery. Obviously you’ll want to keep these in a safe place so they aren’t vandalized, and throw them out before they go bad, but this is a great idea to help decorate your brewery. You might consider carving your breweries logo into a pumpkin.
  • Make special coupons that are valid only on days around Halloween. This will draw more people into your brewery on those days, which will attract more people in during the time you’re in costume or have the brewery decorated.

These are just a few creative ideas for how you can market your brewery around Halloween. The most important tip to remember, however, is to have fun with it. If you do, your customers will notice, and they’ll want to come back often!