Halloween Small Business Marketing Tips. Take Advantage of Halloween to Boost Your Business!

Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. If it is, then it is not for small businesses. There is no dearth of advertising ideas that small businesses can explore, especially Halloween small business ideas. The occasion itself offers you a way to contextualize all your tricks and small business marketing tips. Here are some small business marketing tips you should consider this Halloween:

Team Up with Other Local Businesses for Special Events

Lots of communities and downtown areas host special Halloween celebrations for families and local residents. Take advantage of these events by offering sales or special promotions, or even just having the best decorations and costumes on the block. And if your city doesn’t already offer an event like this, consider teaming up with some other businesses in the area and starting one.

Generate amazing contextual and festive content

The virtual world of internet and the advent of social networks, social media, video sharing sites and blogs have made publishing and broadcasting or sharing content easier and simpler than ever before. You don’t have to pay anything to use these mediums and yet you can reach out to a massive audience. Consider blogging and publish compelling content. Become a leader of sorts with your website content and focus on Halloween for the weeks leading up to the holiday. Offer information that no other company in your industry is doing. Produce and publish videos that can be of immense help. Whatever your niche is, try and use your knowledge and authority to make people aware that you are a market leader in the industry. You don’t have to be a market leader on paper but if you present your company as such then you would become one. Original, convincing content published specifically for Halloween will generate more traction than generic content.

Have Fun with Hashtags

You could even create a dedicated hashtag for customers to share their creations or show off how they use your products on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Use popular, relevant and recent local issues and highlight them leading up to Halloween

Use relevant pop culture, use what is popular and loved by your target audience, use comedy or satire or horror but instill a sense of excitement about your products and you may even consider launching some new products to spur up the sales in the season of sales.

Decorate Your Small Business

Never underestimate the power of some festive decorations. If you have a store, restaurant or other business that people can physically visit, add some spooky or fall themed touches. They can draw customers inside or show off your products in a fun new way.

Use all free advertising mediums

Get your employees merchandise that would have your company logo, advertise on cars and vehicles owned by the partners or managers and even the staff if possible and use guerrilla marketing to have the maximum impact at the least cost. Halloween, by the very nature of its celebrations, offer you a ton of different ideas to begin with. Use classic imagery, unique artwork and enticing messaging in the context of Halloween to capitalize on merchandise. Use all available real estate, be it at your store or office, on your website and on your social media profiles. No space must be left vacant or bland.

Re-post Your Customers’ Most Clever Halloween Projects

If hosting an official contest isn’t your thing, you can still encourage customers to show off their Halloween creations by re-posting them on your social media accounts. Ask customers to tag you in their creations if they use any of your products. Then credit them in your post and encourage other customers to get involved.

There's no shortage of small business marketing tips for Halloween. The point is to get creative, be unique and have fun!