Messaging in Business. Texting is Now an Essential Business Tool!

Texting is now an essential business tool!

Communication is key in any relationship, including business. Small businesses must maintain proper communication to ensure the most success. In today's business world, text messaging is a valuable tool in which many companies are benefiting from greatly.

Business Communication is Evolving

Traditionally, businesses have communicated by strictly face-to-face, calling, and emailing methods. Now that everyone has a mobile phone, text messages in business are becoming increasingly common.

As of right now, 7 out of 10 businesses are using text messaging for business-related communication. What's more: 1 out of 3 deals are closed by sales professionals via text.

Businesses must adapt to these changes in order to keep up with the way customers communicate. Texting is becoming an important channel in which all business contact centers should've incorporated already.

We should have moved from using this channel for notifications to using it as a valuable and user-friendly tool for the provision of customer service. It is already becoming a critical task for both developing the customer base and maintaining current business.

Text Messaging is a More Effective Method of Communication

Although this channel was mainly adopted for unilateral notifications, people are very fond of it. Thus, it is an intricate and necessary part of the business model.

Text messages are a very reliable channel to deliver information and is a highly effective way to communicate quickly.Over 95 percent of text messages are read within three minutes. Over 97 percent of text messages are read versus only 2 out of 10 emails read. Limiting to emails is now a dead method of communicating for business purposes.

Text messages in business ensures that not only will you reach every single person but all of your messages are being read. In addition, you will be able to communicate both internally and externally and you will be able to use your business phone number to text from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Therefore, business texting is the most effective, and convenient, way to communicate for any business.

Using Contact Center Software for Business Texting

In modern times, alongside old emails and voicemail's, people are using Whats App, Facebook Messenger, Face Time, Web Chat, and Mobile chat. Contact Center Software allows communication in businesses in these exact same ways!

The successful implementation of this tool requires incorporating different messaging apps, quality control, and overseeing the possible escalations and return to the voice. Addressing these issues properly will create a consistently great customer experience without increasing costs for implementation and maintenance.

If you would like to incorporate contact center software to stay up-to-date in today's business, you may need a little help financing. Contact us to discuss financing options for your small business and get connected to modern times and better business strategies.