Top 5 Savvy Social Media Marketing Tips & Tools To Promote Your Small Business

Small business growth requires efficient and effective social media marketing. It is very possible to revitalize your social media marketing strategies without hiring an extremely expensive marketing department. Small business marketing means reaching out to the customers who will really invest in your product or service and keeping them posted regularly about what's happening with your business.

1. Get the most out of Facebook marketing.

  • Change your banner often.
  • Update your photo gallery.
  • Make friends with other small businesses- they too are potential customers!
  • Respond to any comments, questions or messages as soon as possible.

2. Tweet like a pro.

  • Create hashtags about your products and services.
  • Include trending hashtags in your tweet.
  • Tell a joke.
  • Use the free online tools to craft the best possible tweet easily.
  • Send as many holiday greetings as possible.
  • Always tweet about new blog posts, facebook posts, or any changes to your website.

3. Search Engine Optimize your website and blog posts.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) means effective repetition of key search terms within your text to boost your ranking in search engines so that your site is near the top of the first page.
  • Free online SEO tools allow you to check the percentage of keywords in your blog or webtext. Your goal is to have keywords repeated at a frequency between 6-10%.
  • Review your website content and consider rewriting with search engine optimization in mind.
  • Check all new blog posts for search engine optimization using one of the free online tools available.

4. Use your online platforms to offer a gift at least once a week.

  • Hold weekly contests offering a discount on a product or service.
  • Offer free shipping for viewers that comment and like your posts.
  • Create a how-to article related to your small business.
  • Offer a recipe for a simple dessert, always include a photograph.
  • Consider investing in branded items for this purpose- fridge magnets, calenders, pens, etc.

5. Craft and publish an attention grabbing weekly press release.

  • There is always news about your business!
  • Introduce new employees, celebrate accomplishments, announce the purchase of new equipment, announce new services.
  • Use proper press release format.
  • Press releases keep your small business website vibrant and active.
  • Link your press release to your facebook, twitter and other social media accounts
  • When you have some great business news, send your press release directly to local tv, newspaper, and radio stations- it might become a news item that they mention.

Implementing changes to your small business social media marketing strategies by focusing on the 5 savvy social media tips mentioned above will bring you immediate and measurable business improvements!