Here's what a $50,000 small business loan can do for your independent restaurant.

Thinking about getting a small business loan to expand your restaurant but questioning the ROI? We've done the math for you...

Example: Loan Amount $50,000

Use of Funds:
 10 Tables and 40 Chairs: $10,000
 Dry Bar (Includes Install): $10,000
 Heating & Lighting: $10,000
 Structural Renovations: $15,000
 Table Supplies & Décor: $5,000

Sales Increase Breakdown:
$240 in Daily Sales for every 1 Table Added
Above Based Upon $40 Average Ticket Per Table x 6 Daily Operating Hours)

$240 in Daily Sales per Table x 10 Tables = 
$2,400 in Daily Sales

$2,400 in Daily Sales Minus 81% for Expenses (National Average) = 
$456 in Additional Daily Profit

$456 in Additional Daily Profit x 5 Days per Week x 52 Weeks = 
$118,560 in Additional Profit Annually By Adding 10 Tables

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