Make the Most of Small Business Saturday 2015

Black Friday may be a long-awaited holiday in large retailers, but the day after has special significance for those on the other side of the Fortune 500 cut-off: Small Business Saturday. Introduced in 2010 on the Saturday after Thanksgiving as a way to drive business to small local companies, Small Business Saturday is a reward for the time and energy that small businesses put in that often goes unnoticed in the shadow of larger enterprises.

By creating a way for customers to save money at smaller alternatives and drive more money into the local economy, small businesses are able to enjoy the same holiday benefits as the big players in any industry. Whether you own a retail store, gift shop, restaurant, brewery, bike shop, or salon... Small Business Saturday is a holiday designed to let you make the most of whatever you have to offer.

Let Your Flag Wave

What good is a holiday just for you if you don't let people know about it? Many Americans aren't familiar with Small Business Saturday, which is why it's important to let your target audience know in as many ways as possible.

By advertising the deals you will be running and taking the conversation to social media, you'll be able to let your fans and followers know that while you may not be airing million dollar doorbuster ads on national television, you still have ways for them to save at the kickoff to the holiday season. Consider incorporating hastags like #SmallBizSaturday and #ShopSmall to increase your visibility and make it clear that you are participating in the holiday.

Take Advantage of Amex

Why waste time creating your own facebook posts, web ads, and marketing material when American Express's shop small can do it for you? Amex offers a wide suite of tools to help you get the word out about your company's involvement in Small Business Saturday and drive customer traffic.

Available to all small businesses, even those that aren't official American Express merchants, Amex is giving local companies the ability to put creative ideas into practice in order to make the most of an annual tradition. When you register with Shop Small, your customers can take advantage of great deals, just for shopping with you.

Share the Love

Small Business Saturday is all about small businesses supporting one another, and the spirit of the season is "the more, the merrier." Many small companies do not have the advertising budget or the manpower to host an amazing event single-handledly, but coming together with other local businesses can be a game changer.

For example, offering samples from a local bakery in your home goods store can show your shoppers how great their muffins are while giving them a reason to browse your sales. Be creative, and see how you can join forces with other participants for a successful Saturday.

Small businesses don't always get the attention they deserve, drawing sales away from the local economy and into the pockets of the big CEOs. Small Business Saturday seeks to change this, ensuring that small companies can benefit in the same way big businesses do. By taking advantage of a day dedicated to celebrating everything you do, you can create new customers, build loyalty in existing customers, and ensure this year's holiday season will be the best one yet.