10 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Mom and Pop Shop for Halloween

10 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Mom and Pop Shop for Halloween.png

If you own a brick and mortar local small business, you may be asking yourself, why should I care about Halloween? After-all, it's a kids holiday that doesn't really apply to you. Right? 


Americans are expected to spend about $9.1 billion on Halloween related purchases this year, according to recent research from the National Research Federation and Prosper Insights and Analytics. That means the holiday could offer a major opportunity for your small business to increase sales — if you’re prepared for it. This year’s spending figure represents an 8.3 percent increase from last year’s mark of $8.4 billion. So it’s the largest amount that U.S. consumers have ever spent on Halloween items in a year. NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said in a release, “Americans are planning to spend more than ever as they gear up for Halloween. Retailers are helping customers celebrate in style with a huge selection of costumes, candy and decorations to cater to ghosts and goblins of all ages.”

When you are running a locally owned small business, you need to give the people around you a reason to shop small and shop local. As a brick and mortar small business, you have to find a way to appeal to the people around you and bring them into your local shop. As an independent retailer, you need to interact with your community during times that appeal to the people around you. One of those times is Halloween, and it is a great chance for an independent small business to reach beyond the brick and mortar and invite the community in for the fun of the holiday.

Here are 10 ways to get your business ready for Halloween:

1. Change your sign.

Make sure that you let customers know that you are planning to take part in the festivities.

2. Put in some humorous tomb stones.

This is a simple step, but it allows you to provide something outside that invites others into the store to see what else there might be inside.

3. Make your own cob webs.

Don't hire a spider, but you can decorate the store easily.

4. Get some skulls.

What else will make for a scary setting than some skulls laying around.

5. Add some skeletons.

What good is a skull without the rest of the skeleton to go with it?

6. Carve some Jack o lanterns.

Jack o lanterns are an important decoration associated with Halloween.

7. Change your play list.

Start playing some of those Halloween classics that everyone loves.

8. Was that a bat in the corner?

Make a game of it so that customers will keep coming back to see what you have added to the store.

9. Invest in supplies people can buy to get ready for Halloween.

If you have all of the decorations that people need to decorate their own homes, then you become the best independent retailer to visit when they need to start their shopping.

10. Make sure you are friendly for all of your clientele

If you are going to have kids coming into your store, then you want to make sure that you are the small business owner that keeps their kids from seeing certain scary parts of the holiday that they are not ready for yet.

Get your small business set up for Halloween and bring your customers in the door.

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