10 Incredibly Useful Tips to Revamp Your Local Small Business for a Revenue Boosting Fall Season

Autumn is upon us which means we're right around the corner from the busiest spending season in the calendar year. This year, the NRF (National Retail Federation) estimates that holiday sales will increase over 3% to $630 billion dollars plus. The time to start preparing is for a big fall season is NOW. The time is NOW to begin getting ready advertising & marketing campaigns, ordering/purchasing additional inventory, hire new staff, buy new equipment, do some renovations and improvements to your shop, etc. Way too many small business owners procrastinate during this time and miss the busiest shopping season of the year, simply because they are not prepared. Plan for a very successful holiday season and start planning now! 

Here are a few small business tips to implement for the change of seasons:

  1. Small Business SEO professionals are always proactive and keep observing how your website is faring at the mercy of search engine algorithms. Social media marketers recommend real time monitoring of all your profiles and engaging with the audience all the time. A social engagement strategy cannot be reviewed every now and then though. You need to give it some time so you can assess the impact. Check us out in FB!
  2. One of the quintessential autumn small business tips we can offer you is to review your social engagement strategy. This review is not just one of the small business tips for fall but can be exercised seasonally. Ask these questions to conduct the review and you may even get some new autumn small business marketing ideas in the process.
  3. The primary objective of Facebook marketing is engaging your audience. Having a profile for your company or a fan page is not enough. You need to give importance to your followers or fans. You need to entice the target audience and then you have to engage them in discussions or conversations. You need to interact with them. The purpose is not to have someone or some people like your page. The actual purpose is to stay visible and to stay engaged. Interaction is the first step to effective social media marketing for your small business. Is your strategy interactive enough?
  4. Do you have diverse content? This is a must! If you don’t have interesting content for that pertains to your small business, then you will struggle to captivate your target audience.
  5. Are you rewarding your followers? It could be a discount, some promotional offer or outright freebies. While everyone knows there is no free lunch, everyone likes to have a free lunch. This may be time to roll out some surprising autumn marketing tricks unique to your small business.
  6. Is your social media engagement excessively promotional? Social media marketing is not exactly advertising. While advertising is a part of Facebook marketing, the posts or your contents cannot be just promotional. You need informational content, helpful stuff and you must engage in a selfless manner at times. 
  7. Do you vanish for a while when the tides of small business are not in your favor? Don’t stay aloof and don’t shy away from using your profile or presence. The last thing a company must do is have a presence on Facebook, have an audience and then not be present at all. Don’t presume that having a following is the endgame. The endgame is capitalizing on the following.
  8. Give away useful items with each purchase, like good-quality tissue paper or ribbons for gift-wrapping. Put your business’s name on it and you’ve got a marketing tool, too.
  9. Try a two-for-one sale. This works great for subscription items; offer customers a free gift subscription or half-price gift subscription when they renew their own membership or subscription.
  10. Display Fall/Autumn themed art by local artists in your restaurant, coffee shop or bar and offer it for sale.

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Autumn is also the time to start preparing for the upcoming small business holiday season. Small Business Saturday is also right around the corner, so the time to get started on all these wonderful opportunities is right now! When the need for capital arises to hire holiday staff, increase inventory, buy new equipment, send out marketing & advertising campaigns, or just to have a little cushion of cash flow, call us at (855) 998-5874 or click the banner below. As always, we're here to help!